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Jardim Zoologico de Lisboa: An Awesome day in Lisbon Zoo (Lovely Lisbon Series 19)

Jardim Zoologico de Lisboa 
An Awesome Day in Lisbon Zoo 
Lovely Lisbon Series 19 

It was our penultimate day in Lisbon and I was
at the convention center the whole morning.


I met up with my family at lunchtime
at the Jardim Zoologico de Lisboa,


...where we treated the
kids for a day in the zoo.

Also known as Lisbon Zoo in
English was founded in 1884, 

…and one of the oldest zoos in Europe.

Dr. Van Der Laan's statue stands by the old
entrance to honor him as the founder of the zoo.

A statue of the zoo's former president Felix Naharro Pires  
  petting a monkey on a bench is also found near the entrance.


According to brochures, the zoo has about
2,000 animals of more than 300 species…


…and could be explored by train,

…by foot up- close,


… and up- high on board a cable car.


We initially explored the zoo by joining a
 large  group of pre- school children by train.



It was a relaxed and easy
way of exploring the zoo,

…and also serves as a familiarization
tour for first time visitors like my family,


…as the driver also doubled
as an awesome tour guide,


…who briefed his passengers on what to see, 


…what to visit  and what to expect in the zoo.


After the leisurely train ride, we decided to have a
snack in one of the zoo’s numerous ice cream stalls,


…and we feasted on refreshing ice creams,



…and yummy sandwiches.


After our satisfying snacks which also served 
as our very late lunch,we were ready to explore 
the zoo on foot to see the animals up- close. 


Exploring the zoo is like going around the  world
in a day, without having to step out of the city.


One can get to see allsorst of primates,  the gorillas,

...and chimpanzees,





… the elephants,




…and all sorts of exotic wild
animals in the African savannah.


One can also be transported to
Asia to watch Burmese elephants,


…and other wild animals 
from other Asian countries.


We were also amused on the reptile display,



...coming from our country, the Philippines.


North America,



... South America,


…and even Europe,


....are also represented, by their respective 
animals found in those continents.

Guests can also watch bird and dolphin shows.


Also a must visit in the zoo
is the Enchanted Forest,


...a huge picnic ground and playground,



...set in a man- made forest.]



We stayed there for a while to rest
and have some late afternoon snacks.

Also worth visiting is the huge Pet Cemetery.



The open cable car ride,



…made it possible to view
the animals from above.



It only did not give us a chance to
have a bird’s eye view of the animals,



…but it also provided and breathtaking
panoramic view of the city of Lisbon,



…on the horizon.


We concluded our day in the zoo
by visit the  Children's Farm,




…where guests could interact
and even pet  domestic animals. 



There is an abundance of restaurants,




…souvenir shops,



…and even kiddie rides at the Lisbon Zoo.

With approximately 114 types of mammals, 157 kinds of birds,
56 species of reptiles, 5 species of amphibians and arthropods,


… an exciting and unforgettable day is guaranteed
at the Jardim Zoologico de Lisboa.

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