Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Gilligan’s Robinsons Place Naga: Bright and Airy Marine Themed Restaurant

Giligan’s Robinsons Place Naga 
Bright and Airy Marine Themed Restaurant

The gleaming bright blue lights attracted us to dine
at Giligan’s new branch in Robinsons' Place Naga.


Located at the al fresco section of the mall,
it had an outdoor dining area,


…as well as a beautiful indoor dining hall.



We have always enjoyed dining

…which had a darker,
pub- like musty interiors,

…this one in Robinsons’ Place had a brighter
and more refreshing marine themed interiors.

Our dinner were served fast
and we were in for another
awesome culinary adventure. 


We started our dinner with a unique
tasting Sinigang na Inihaw na Baboy.


The pork was pre- grilled before being incorporated 
to the sinigang broth. The slightly burnt out flavor of
 the grilled pork  perfectly blended to the sinigang
sour broth, and created a pleasant smoky aftertaste.

The very tender Garlic Chicken tasted good.
It was a pre- fried breaded chicken bathed in
a sweetish- tangy garlic flavored sauce.

Sweet and Sour Fish Fillet was very delicious
despite this restaurant not specializing Chinese
cuisine . The fish fillet came crispy fried bathed
 in sweet and sour sauce with vinegary aftertaste
interspersed with pineapples, tomatoes and garlic.

The Sizzling Pork Sisig had he perfect blend of tangy 
and spicy, It was delightfully gooey the it sticks in your 
palate when eaten.  That’s perfectly okay as you savor
 all the bold, delicious flavors longer. This dish is to die for.

It has always been such a joy to dine in Giligan’s SM
but with their new bright and airy branch in Robinsons’,


…dining here has gone up a notch higher.

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