Monday, November 27, 2017

Hap Chan: Robinsons Place Naga

Hap Chan 
Robinsons Place Naga

Hap Chan is a popular Chinese restaurant
in the Philippines with two branches in Bicol.
The first one in Legazpi City in Albay and the
second at Robinsons Place Naga in CamSur.

Located at the al fresco section of the mall,

…Hap Chan is always full packed and it is
understandable as they serve some of the
most delicious Chinese dishes in the region.


We have been to this restaurant about four times
since they opened three months ago, and every
visit leaves us craving for more and their delicious
food draws us back to return again and again.

Below is the list of some of the best dishes
that we have enjoyed during  our frequent
visits tot his wonderful Chinese restaurant.

We tremendously enjoyed the Polonchay Seafood Soup.
The thick green soup made of minced Chinese spinach,
generously complemented with the morsels of seafood,
had thick consistency, but with luxuriously smooth texture.


I was expecting a pot of simmering broth on  
a portable burner in the middle of the table
like what they do in some Japanese restaurants,
but Hap Chan’s Sea Food Hot Pot was a delicious
pre- cooked version, served simmering hot in a native
pot. I believe it was more of a Cantonese hot pot
that is heavy on shrimps, oysters, squid and tofu.
This is a highly recommended dish in this restaurant.


With their wide variety of traditional dimsum,
the saucy Japanese Dimsum is a must try.
The nori- wrapped dimsum was generously
bathed with a nori- flavored sauce. The unique
fusion of a Japanese seaweed wrapper to the
Chinese dimsum created an new, exotic and out
of the ordinary, yet very delicious Oriental dish. 

Lechon Macaw is apork thigh, deep fried to 
crispy perfection. it is a less briny and a more 
refined, better version of Pinoy’s lechon kawali.


The chopped cylinders of Lumpia Shanghai,
a leaner carnivorous version of Chinese spring
roll, was gloriously crispy as if the rice wafer
wrapping was gilded with air before being fried.


Of course, no meal is complete in any
Chinese restaurant without a Chop Suey.
The veggies were not over cooked, they
were fresh, crunchy and very delicious.


The Chinese Beef Steak made of thinly sliced,
tender beef with spinach, bathed in savory
sauce and spiced with ginger. My son loves
Pinoy Bistek but this one is an awesome substitute. 


Squid Salt and Pepper is a delicious
Chinese version of the classic calamari.
Chewy by clean tasting chewy breaded
squid, it was served with a vinegar dip,
but it was so tasty you wouldn’t need one.


We have tried stir fried noodle flavored with pork,
shrimp and seafood but never something with beef.
The Beef Canton came as something new to us.
It was surprisingly delicious as the  ender beef
slabs went well with the stir- fried flat noodles.


Another beef dish that we tremendously enjoyed
was the Sauteed Beef with Brocolli Flowers.
The beef was tender and bathed with rich tasty
sauce, bordered with blanched fresh broccoli.
It was a hale and healthy, yet very delicious dish.


We never fail to order the iconic sweet and sour
dish whenever we dine in any Chinese restaurant.
This time we ordered the Sweet and Sour Pork 
and this one did not disappoint. The pre- fried
breaded pork was tender and crunchy despite being
bathed from the tangy sweet and sour sauce.


The Hap Chan Crispy Fried Chicken was so good.
I believe it was cooked the Peking Duck way.
crispy skin and moist and tender in the inside.
This is one of the best fried chicken in town and
a must eat and must order to anyone dining here.


They also on of the best Yang Chow Fried Rice 
that could be a food on its own and also goes well
with any of the awesome Chinese dishes available. 


Hap Chan also offers well packed
delicious Rice Toppings to go for
those who are in a hurry and for
those wanting to eat somewhere else. 



Hap Chan is a wonderful Chinese Restaurant,


...and welcome addition
 to the city’s culinary scene.

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  1. Hap chan resto
    Very bad service. Food not even that good. Kapag rush hour namimili ng customer. Kapag dalawa lang kayo sasabihin reserve yung table kahit wala naman nakalagay na for reservation. Money over customer. Disgusting!