Saturday, November 18, 2017

Chef Mama: Awesome CamNorte Specialties at Robinsons’ Place Naga, Al Fresco

Chef Mama
Awesome CamNorte Specialties  
Robinsons’ Place Naga, Al Fresco 

Chef Mama in a popular restaurant in Camarines Norte 
and we were happy when they opened a branch at the
 Robinsons Place Naga in Camarines Sur.

Located at the Al Fresco section of the mall,

Chef Mama had a contemporary homey interiors.


We started our meal with Fresh Paco Fern Salad.
A mound of young paco fern leaves was soaked in 
sweet vinegar, topped with tomato and salted egg.
It was delightfully sweetish tangy and very crunchy.
It was delicious and everybody loved it and it served
as  a perfect appetizer as it perked everyone’s appetite.


The Tinapa Roll was supposed to be an appetizer.
but it was in reality, a fried spring roll variant good 
enough for a main dish. The filling was made of 
smoked bangus or ‘tinapa’ in Bicol, salted eggs,
tomatoes and onions, rolled in thin rice wafers 
andfried to an addicting crunchy perfection .

We also ordered Chop Suey and the assorted vegetables
looked unattractive as it was floating in too much sauce 
and did not look appetizing at all. The old adage not to 
judge the book by its cover was true after all. The veggies
 were fresh and crunchy and the way it was sautéed was
 very tasty. The saucy vegetable dish went well with rice.


Crispy Pla- Pla, which was described in the menu
butterfly- cut tilapia appeared more like a puffer fish.
But no matter how it looked like, it was fried to crispy
perfection that even the head and the bones were edible.

Santol or Wild Mangosteen is a seasonal  fruit making Sinantol a rare
dish during off season.It is also known as Ginataang Santol, made 
from grated santol meat simmered in coconut milk, seasoned with 
shrimp paste and spiced withsiling labuyo. This Chef Mama version  
is addicting and a must try and must eat for anyone dining here.

Beef Caldereta is usually served in fiestas and otherspecial occasions, 
but Chef Mama makes this deliciousdish available everyday. The beef 
was simmered to a meltin the mouth tenderness, stewed with potatoes, 
tomato sauce,and spiced with peppers. Definitely the best caldereta
 in town, and it is worth visiting this restaurant just for this dish alone.


Chef Mama is a wonderful restaurant,

...and a welcome addition to Naga City's culinary scene 

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