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Comidas de Santiago: Rustic Roadside Restaurant (Lovely Lisbon Series 13 )

Comidas de Santiago 
Rustic Roadside Restaurant 
Lovely Lisbon Series 13

We were starving after our visit to the  Castelo de Sao Jorge  
as the Cafe and Restaurant were closed during our visit. It was 
already late in the afternoon and wehad not eaten our lunch. 
We caught the sight of Comidas de Santiago, a rustic- looking
 roadside restaurant as we walked down from the castle,


We perused the menu displayed outdoor, it
looked interesting so we decided to dine there.


Comidas de Santiago had two dining areas,
an air- conditioned indoor dining room,


…and an al fresco section.


We chose to dine on the latter.  


They initially served us several loaves
of warm bread and olives for appetizer.


Comidas de Santiago servings are huge.and good 
enough to be shared from two to three persons. It 
could even be shared  by a family of four (two adults 
and  two kids) for moderately sized Asians like us.

The Vegetable Cream Soup was very delicious.
It was smooth and velvety and reeking with the
wonderful scents of aromatic herbs and spices.


The Roast Lamb with Roasted Potatoes was
served in a massive, piping hot bowl, fresh from
the oven. It smelled so good as the heady scent of
herbs blended perfectly with the fresh whiff of citrus.

The lamb was tender and had a melt in the mouth
consistency and served with generous baked potatoes.
It was greasy, but no one would really care about
controlling one’s lipid intake with a food this good.
This dish is to die for, literally and figuratively.


Cod fish, just like sardines and salmon, is also one
of Lisbon’s main marine product. We have already
tried salt-preserved cod fish or bacalhau in Belem.
This time we ordered Cod with Cream. The bite
size tasty cod fish nuggets was baked with creamy
mashed potatoes as a base. It was very delicious,
and was served piping hot, fresh from the oven.

After a sumptuous dinner, we admired the
paper money collection coming from different
countries, displayed on the restaurant’s wall.


We noticed that they had no Philippine money, so I fished out a 
twenty peso bill from my wallet and gave it to the waiter. They were
 happy and promised to put the paper money on display later on.

Comidas de Santiago is a comfortable
Rustic Roadside Restaurant located few
steps away from Castelo de Sao Jorge,


…that serves excellent traditional Portuguese cuisine
that comes in massive portions, yet very affordable.

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