Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Igreja da Magdalena: Unplanned Amazing Find (Lovely Lisbon Series 10)

Igreja da Magdalena 
Unplanned Amazing Find
(Lovely Lisbon Series 10)

We were on our way to visit the Se de Lisboa,
or the Lisbon Cathedral when we mistook the
Igreja da Magdalena for the popular church. 


I had a guidebook on hand and began suspecting
that we were in the wrong place as what I was
 reading did not match what we are seeing .

There were a lot of Filipinos in the
as there was a christening going on,


..and I asked one of them if this is the Lisbon Se,
it’s the Mary Magdalene Church was the answer.

There is not much information about this church
that was apparently built between 1150 or 1164,
by the first Portuguese king, D. Afonso Henriques.


The church interiors are made 
of marble, golden carved wood, 


...and paintings apparently
 done by Pedro Alexandrino.


The awesome ancient sculptures are attributed
to  Machado de Castro and José de Almeida.

The beautiful neo-manueline Portal is considered
as a National Monument, and apparently a part of
the ancient Conceição dos Freires Church, that got
completely destroyed with the big 1775 earthquake. 


Despite being situated at the historical centre of Lisbon,
the Igreja da Magdalena has not been a popular tourist
destination and we were fortunate to stumbled on it-


...when we mistook the Mary Magdalene Church
 for the popular Lisbon Se where we were headed.

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