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Castelo de Sao Jorge :Fortress of Lisbon’s Historic Past (Lovely Lisbon Series 12)

Castelo de Sao Jorge 
Fortress of Lisbon’s Historic Past
Lovely Lisbon Series 12

From the Alfama’s Elevador de Sta Luzia, .we hiked
 uphill on our way  to the Castelo de Sao Jorge.


The walk to the castle can be draining,

…as the well preserved narrow cobbled road
was steep and sometimes quite slippery,



...but we had a slow but leisurely
stroll  in an ancient neighborhood,

….with ancient walls and arches,


...lovely centuries old buildings,


...of quaint Moorish architecture.

The ticket booth wasn’t crowded,


…so we were able to get into
the castle grounds fast and easy.

The majestic Castelo de Sao Jorge  was built atop the hill overlooking 
central  Lisbon, and the seat of power of ancient Portugal in the past.

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It reminded me of the Prague Castle in
the Czech Republic which was also built
at the top, of the hill overlooking the city.

^^^Prague Castle in the Czech Republic

Also known as Lisbon Castle, much
of the present structures are in ruins,


…but a continues restoration is being undertaken.

It  is Lisbon’s most popular tourist attraction.

…and  provides fantastic
views of the Baixa district , 

…and the Rio Tejo or Tagus River.

Castelo de Sao Jorge have two sections,
the ruins of the 13th century Royal Palace,


…and the older Moorish Castle
built before the 11th  century.

Some parts of the ruins of the former
Royal Palace of the Alcáçova has been
restored and converted to a museum,

…called Nucleo Museologico.

The museum hosts a permanent exhibition,

…of wide array of historical artifacts.

The Royal Palace houses a Café.

...the Casa do Leão Restaurant, where the lovely
al fresco section offers a magnificent view of the city.

…and a souvenir shop.

The massive 11th  century Moorish Castle is a
fortification built at the topmost part of the hill.
Unlike most European castles it was not meant
as a residence,  but to house the military troops.

The castled eleven towers has been preserved
or restored, the most popular among them was
the Torre de Menagem or the Tower of the Keep.

Some parts of the Romantic Garden,

…and patios, are still around and were
a part of the royal residence. 


The royal palace suffered heavy damage in the
earthquake of 1755, and what remains today 
is a storied ruins of Lisbon’s glorious past.

Castelo de Sao Jorge is the
fortress to Lisbon’s history,

…it is Portugal’s top tourist attraction,
and not to be missed by anyone
visiting this beautiful country.

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