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Fabrica Das Enguias: Eels Beyond Portuguese Sardines (Lovely Lisbon Series 9)

Fabrica Das Enguias 
Eels Beyond Portuguese Sardines
Lovely Lisbon Series 9

Portugal is known for fresh seafood, especially Sardines,
and we were happy to chance upon Fabrica Das Enguias, 


 …as we really wanted to try their famous
Pickled Canned Eel in Escabeche Sauce.


Fabrica Das Enguias is located a few steps away
from Rua Augusta, near the Praça do Comércio,


...housed in an ancient building,

…along the main road and a block away
from the iconic Tram 28 metro station.


The store sells nothing but their popular canned eel
that  ame from the town Murtosa, hence the  factory 
name COMUR,or Fábrica de Conservas da Murtosa.


It has been producing this exotic delicacy since 1942,
based on traditional methods of olden days and the
secret recipe has been handed down for generations. 



The store offers free tasting of bite sized white bread
 topped with the canned eel and it tasted very good.


We bought several cans which came with a certificate
of authenticity and a Fabrica Das Enguias passport
souvenir for tourist and took them to our hotel room.


We have forgotten about the Canned Eel until we
 arrived in Caceres, Spain about a week later,


…where we rented an apartment that had
an awesome kitchen and full dining area.

I decided to serve the Canned Eel for dinner and  got the 
shock of my life to see the whole eel all coiled up inside. 


I totally did not expect to see a frightening snake- like 
creature inside a can. It looked fresh and alive as it shimmers 
and appears to slither while bathing in aromatic oil.


Luckily, the everyone was inside the room,
and I cut off the eel to small bite size pieces
before they could see our frightening dinner. 


The Pickled Canned Eel in Escabeche Sauce
was very delicious and it went well with rice. 


My family enjoyed the otherwise creepy dinner,
but no one would have touched it had they seen
the canned slimy serpentine eel fresh off the can.

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