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Se de Lisboa: Lisbon’s Center of Faith (Lovely Lisbon Series 15)

Se de Lisboa
Lisbon’s Center of Faith
Lovely Lisbon Series 15

We took the Tram 28 from Portas do Sol  and 
got down  at the monolithic Se de Lisboa,
We mistook the Igreja da Magdalena for this
church earlier, but this time we finally got it right.

The exterior of this ancient church of massive
solid walls with two imposing bell towers looked
more of a fortification than that of a center of faith.

Sé de Lisboa or the Santa Maria Maior de Lisboa, simply  called
 the Lisbon Cathedral, is the oldest church in the city, it is  the see 
of the Archdiocese of Lisbon, and classified as a National Monument.

The iconic Se Cathedral is probably Lisbon’s
most important  religious building, and a mute
witness to Portugal’s colorful history  being the
church of the country’s early nobility and elite.


The church had beautiful gothic arches,


...that extend to the high vaulted ceilings.

Medieval statues and elaborately
designed altars fill the alcoves.

The cathedral’s main chapel
was of neoclassical design, 

…while the. sacristy was built
in Baroque architectural style.

The chapel of Bartomoleu Joanes
is that of a Gothic architecture.


The cathedral is open to the public everyday
for free and visitors must be properly dressed.

We were not able to visit the partially excavated cloisters
of the underlying foundations of an ancient mosque that the
church was constructed upon where there is an admission fee .


The Lisbon Sé is located on the city’s main road from
Baixa to Alfama where the iconic yellow Tram 28 passes
directly in front of the cathedral. One had to disembark
at the Rossio station located few steps from the cathedral.


The Se de Lisboa is steeped in history
as it the city’s ancient center of faith,

…and no holiday in Lisbon is complete
without visiting this religious monument.

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