Sunday, September 23, 2012

Classic Savory, SM City Naga

Classic Savory,
SM City Naga

Finally, we were able to dine at
the perpetually full packed Classic Savory
in SM City Naga after an advanced reservation.

Savory, Max’s and Ramon Lee are the iconic
restaurants that bring back the good old memories
of growing up in the 80’s.

These are the places that we dine
whenever we visit Manila- way before
the fast food invasion in the Philippines.

The classic fares were still there…

The original Wonton Soup
cooked the way it was many, many years ago-
plain and simply addicting,

...the yummy Savory rice tha has bits and pieces
of Chinese longaniza and Savory Fried Chicken,

…the juicy and iconic
Savory Fried Chicken…

…the ever delicious
Beef with Mushrooms and Broccoli,

… and we tried something new in the menu
that I could not remember eating one in  the past
Buttered- Beer soaked breaded fish fillets …

It was crispy on the outside
but very juicy on the inside.

The food was so good that we ordered
an additional platter of Yang Chow Rice
that my family found more delicious
than the original Savory Rice...

When we paid our bill,
they asked for our SM Advantage Card
and we got to have a free
Classic Savory Pancit canton to go.

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  1. not the original savory of the 1950. tastes AWFUL service AWFUL

    1. Thank you for your honest comment.

      Unfortunately, I was not born yet in the1950's. I had my first taste of Savory in the late 70's or maybe early 80's. The chicken for me tastes the same.

      The service, well the staff were pretty attentive when we dined. The place was noisy and crowded though.

      Everyone of us gave a thumbs up to the chicken, my daughter liked the breaded fish.

      It was nice to hear from someone who had experience the real and original Savory in the past.

      Again, thank your honesty.

  2. i have a crush on one of the managers here. :)

  3. Fancy that.

    I would be posting another blog about Classic Savory @SM City Naga. Watch out for it- I might have taken stolen photos of your crush.