Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Shakey's Pizza, Avenue Square

Shakey’s Pizza- Avenue Square,

‘Eat until your tongue gets numb
by the salty food that they serve…’

That’s my sentiment
every time I dine at Shakey’s.
That was then-

Being the  pioneer fast food chain in Bicol
that has been in Naga since the early 80’s-
a dacade ahead of McDonald’s and Jollibee…

My family has learned to enjoy Shakey’s
with their dishes modified
(that the restaurant gladly obeys)
according to our personal request…

We always ask them to put
only half serving of the briny breading
for the Chick' n Chips…

Don’t put extra salt on the pasta…

…and the pizza…

...add about 1/4 cup more
of hot water on the soup.

We like their salads 
the way they are…

…and enjoy Shakey’s
with less salt on it...

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