Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Hotel Intercontinental Manila

Hotel Intercontinental
Stay, Play and Feast


We are scheduled to leave for Europe so we booked for a 3 day stay
at the Hotel Intercontinental Manila for our visa application appointment
at the German Embassy located few blocks away.

Opulence and elegance are the best words 
to describe the hotel…



Ours was a beautiful family suite in the Club Room,
designed tastefully with utmost comfort in mind…

…the room has a Foyer for an entrance,

…a living room area consisting of a Sofa
and cozy lounge chair…

…a huge comfortable bed
that would fit all four of us…

…and a unique pillow menu at the bedside where you can
request the kind of pillow you want according to your needs…


… a walk- in closet.

Just like any standard hotels they offer
connectivity anytime, anywhere and everywhere
There are three phones in the family suite-
 one at the living area,

…another at the bedside…

…and in the toilet…

The room offered much more including access to the Club Lounge
for breakfast, afternoon tea and cocktails at night.
and best of all it provided us with a personal butler…

The room is located right in front of Ayala Center

…making shopping a breeze…


The hotel’s gym was not just an ordinary in- house gym.
It was Gold’s Gym that guests can use for free…

They have two huge pools for kids and adults ...

but I wasn’t impressed with the landscaping…

A hotel this grand- I was expecting a grandiosely designed garden.
InterCon’s landscaping looked a little bit ordinary and conventional…
Although it was beautiful it did not befit the grandeur of the hotel.

There was no one around then as it was raining…
the kids also did not stay long as the water was cold.

Jeepney Cafe

Despite the accessibility of the upscale mall few steps away,
there is really no need to leave the comfort of the hotel
if you wanted to eat out.

We arrived at noon from our 10 am flight from Naga
just in time for lunch, but the lunch buffet at Jeepney Cafe
was crowded with diners so we decided to check in first…

After unpacking, we decided to have our lunch at 2 PM
just as the crowd at the restaurant had weaned out.

We were greeted by a Spanish Band…

…and serenaded us while eating our meals… the midst of the restaurant’s wide array
of international cuisine at the lunch buffet…


Club InterContinental

How sweet it is to eat breakfast at the Club Lounge
away from the massive breakfast crowd at the Jeepney CafĂ©…

It is like the whole place was reserved for us every morning.
with just another hotel guest or two…

Aside from the buffet they are willing to cook
anything that the diner would wish to have…

The lounge had a magnificent view of  Makati

…and offers all the peace and quiet you could have
in the middle of the busiest business district in the Philippines

In Room Dining

The choice of In- Room dining was impeccable.
One can even enjoy the fine dining cuisine 
at Prince Albert Rotisserie downstairs
right in your own room without having to dress up to the hilt.

But who could resist the temptation of gorging yourself
on a Longaiza platter for dinner…

Vigan, Cebu and Lucban Longanizas- all in one plate…
Who cares eating them for dinner?
These Pinoy breakfast delicacies
are good enough to be eaten anytime of the day.

Coupled with a piping hot bowl of Batangas Bulalo-
…as a true blue Filipino,
there is nothing that we could as more…

It was a simple but satisfying dinner for all of us.

So, it's move over Prince Albert- for now.

In Room Dining

On our second night, we ordered Grilled Lumot
(which is actually a Grilled Squid),

….Vegetarian Curry.

…assortment of Dinner Rolls.

…and a bowl of tasty Wanton Noodles…

With the Intercon preparing our favorite Filipino meals,
Nothing ca go wrong in our in- room dining experience.

Each club room could cost a little as much as Php 7, 500 to 8,500/day
(with the perks of having a Priority Club membership)
Intercontinenetal Manila is much, much cheaper
compared to other hotels of the same category.

Again, this is a ‘sulit” hotel for a family traveler like me.
You get more from what you paid for.

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  1. Beautiful hotel.

    Surprisingly affordable.

    The swimming pool and garden looks great. I disagree with your opinion.

    I like your straightforward reviews.