Sunday, September 23, 2012

Hard Rock Hotel, San Diego

Hard Rock Hotel 
San Diego.

It was our first time to stay
 in a Hard Rock facility.

The Hard Rock Hotel and Resort in San Diego
is a hip hotel that obviously caters
  to the young rock and roll loving generation.

They play a psychedelic video all day
that serves as a backdrop for the lobby...

The very modern hotel has
 beautiful comfortable rooms,

...and offers a great view of the city 
that the kids love.

It is located at the historic 
Gas Lamp District 

...and just across
 the convention center.

The hotel has an impressive display 
of musical icon memorabilias,

and has an all- American themed diner
that offers delicious breakfast...

...they serve Starbucks coffee that the restaurant brews
(despite the fact that Hard Rock Hotel also owns the Hard Rock Cafe)
and dishes out  really great  American food.

"I could eat here forever"  I would tell my family
as the serve the best burgers we've ever tasted.

Just like in other standard hotels, 
it has a minibar-


...but something in there tells us that Hard Rock Cafe
was not meant for families traveling with young kids... the midst of the yummy goodies
was an intimacy love kit   which my very young son
mistook for a box of cookies

Inside the kit are the following:
... a vibrating couples ring,
... a magic lubricant,
... don’t stop massage oil
and extra pleasure condoms...

...and a can of candle scented
with kinky phe hormones...

 The minibar was also fully loaded
with wide choice of spirits and liquors...

The view from the window
 also offers a magnificent view of the pool 
that sometime gets too wild for comfort...

...err. literally and figuratively...

The signs on the toilets 
are so ambiguous ...

...that says: Girls will be Boys and Boys will be Girls...
It's a mixed- up, muddled up, shook up world...

...instead directly identifying
the He and the She WC's.  

Ironically, just like any other hotels 
they also have a Bible in the bedside drawer.


Hard Rock Hotel, is doubly hard to review
and much harder to endorse as a wholesome family hotel.   

After five days of  looking for the right words
on how to explain to the kids  what the pleasure kit is all about...
...thank God we’re booked on Disneyland Hotel
 for the next four days 

Finally, there is no explanation 
needed for kids in this hotel.


  1. Hmmmm.

    Interesting hotel.

    I think me and my lovey should try it (without the kids)

    One should get kinky, once in a while.

  2. Hard Rock Hotel, hard to sleep.

    The rock and roll theme at the lobby is not relaxing.

    Some guests get so drunk an rowdy.

    Pretty wild hotel for family travelers.

    1. That exactly was my wife's reaction. Too many drunk and noisy guests at night.

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    1. Thank you for your kind words. I'm glad that you enjoyed my blog.

      Keep on visiting.