Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Jack’s Blue Plate Diner: Big American Breakfast

Jack’s Blue Plate Diner 
Big American Breakfast

We started the 20th anniversary of the EndoLab
with a very early morning thanksgiving mass
and a breakfast at the Jack’s Blue Plate Diner.

Jack’s Blue Plate Diner is the place to go
in Naga when one is craving for good old
American dishes that comes in huge servings.


Their American Breakfast was no exception.


It came in a gigantic plate with
a stack of three creamy pancakes,


…two sunny side- up fried eggs,

…a piece of breakfast sausage,
with two fat strips of bacon,

…and a generous mound of potato wedges.

The breakfast came with unlimited
servings of freshly brewed coffee.

That Big Americam Breakfast
at Jack’s Blue Plate Diner

was just a prelude
to a much bigger meal,

…in the newly opened EndoLab Pantry,


…at Plaza Medica. Burp.

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