Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Kopi Roti Naga: Delicious Roti Egg Dunking Meal

Kopi Roti Naga
Delicious Roti Egg Dunking Meal

I went out to shop at the local neighborhood
supermarket with my young son on a weekend,

…and after we were done,

…off we went to Kopi Roti in Magsaysay Avenue
 for our usual weekly cookie- milk dunking bonding.

I was not aware that Kopi Roti 
does not  serve milk and cookies,

...so I bought fresh milk in tetra pack and a pack
cookie from the nearby Ministop Convenience Store.

I requested for a cup at the counter and my son
had a blast with his cookie milk dunking snacks.

The Presto Cookies were firm and the size
was perfect for a whole cookie milk dunking.

While I ordered as Set F Value Meal in the menu,

…that had a famous KopiRoti Bun,

…two soft boiled egg bathed with soya.

…and Kopi, a Singaporean word for coffee as Kopi Roti is
of Singaporean origin that literally means coffee and bread.
It was served with condensed milk at the bottom of the cup,

…and had to be mixed to make a creamy sweet coffee.
It is interesting to note our cultural similarity on how the
Singaporeans make their coffee, as I remember that this
exactly how our folks in the past prepare their coffee.

While my son enjoyed his cookie milk dunking,

…the soya bathed soft boiled egg served as
a perfect dip for the famous Kopi Roti bun.

This was actually the Asian way to eat bread and
no other coffee shop in the country offers this
kind of unique experience except for Kopi Roti, 

…and we’re lucky we have one in Naga City.

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