Tuesday, September 1, 2015

‘Pagsungko Ki Ina’ 2015: Fr. Rex Hidalgo’s 3D Homily

‘Pagsungko Ki Ina’ 2015 
Fr. Rex Hidalgo’s 3D Homily 

This year’s traditional ‘Pagsungko Ki Ina’ caught me
by surprise as it was just the first week of August, still
more than a month away from the Penafrancia Fiesta.

I arrived  at Plaza Medica and greeted by  the image of the 
‘Lady of Penafrancia’ in a makeshift altar at the lobby.

It was was brought earlier by devotees on a procession by carrying 
her on their shoulders, while praying and  singing hymns on the way.

“Pagsungko ki Ina’ is a yearly pre- fiesta tradition
where the image of the ‘Lady of Penafrancia’ is
brought to different communities, institutions and
even private households in the Bicol Region.

Year after year, I have been posting about this tradition
but I never focused on the priest that presided the mass-
but this time, Fr.Rex  Hidalago’s homily was just
too good to ignore as he caught everyone’s attention.

He came literally armed and prepared to make his point 
and to get everybody’s eyes and ears to the podium.

He sang and danced,

…and pointed out that stars, does 
not literally mean- movie stars.

He played the role of the devil incarnate to the hilt,

…he then produced a shining armor (a toy
sword with flickering light) to fight him off,

… winning the fight by earning a halo.

He even turned to me and gave me a smile and a peace 
sign and gamely posed when he saw me taking photos.

He then  became an angel with a 
throbbing heart in between his  wings.

…and finally 'levitated' (by standing on
a chair) before he ended his homily.

The good priest appeared like a talented
stand- up comedian with a sacred cause.

He kept his SRO flock entertained during the sermon
and made them laugh their way to holiness without
faulting or giving them a tinge of guilt and rudeness.

Father Hidalgo makes us realize our wrong 
deeds, albeit happily and without repercussions.

He makes us laugh out loud to exaltation 
and  gloriously giggle our way to sanctity.

We are blessed on whatever we do and whatever happens 
in our lives. Smile, laugh and be happy. I believe that’s what
 God  meant us to be- and he sent Fr. Hidalgo to do the job.

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  1. Its the most appropriate way to proclaim the Gospel of Joy. Innovative, creative and appealing ..to the spiritual child in us.

    1. Thank you for visiting my blog Rose.I agree with what you said. 100%.

  2. very informative post for me as I am always looking for new content that can help me and my knowledge grow better.

  3. A well deserved 'oropakan' indeed. He always encourage his audience to clap their hands after his homily.