Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Gerry’s Grill Forever

Gerry’s Grill Forever 

 Gerry’s Grill is a restaurant that we frequent
in Naga City as it is a place where we could dine
repeatedly as they serve delicious Pinoy dishes
that we always crave and never get tired of.

No wonder why this is one of my most reviewed restaurants
and never had a single negative post in my previous blogs.

Our last visit was no different. Just like in the past we had a 
satisfying meal and a wonderful evening sipping their fresh juices.

We ordered Nilagang Baka for a start up,

…and it was very delicious. The beef was chewy but tender,
the veggies  were fresh, still crunchy and not overcooked.

The Seafood Platter was also very delicious.
It was initially sautéed with fresh red onions
and tofu and was served piping hot on a sizzling
plate after being topped with a savory sauce.

I found the Bulanglang a little overcooked but it didn’t matter 
as it still tasted great.  I like the Gerry’s Grill version  since it
 wasn’t salty at all as they topped it with bangus belly, instead 
of the repulsive bagoong like most Pinoy versions of this dish.

The Inihaw na Tuna was perfectly grilled
as it was well done inside out but juicy and
tender and did not have a rubbery consistency.

We never fail to order Inihaw na Tilapia. This is probably the most 
delicious dish in this restaurant and it is a must try and a must order 
dish to anyone dining in Gerry’s Grill anywhere in the country.

We also feasted on various saccharine desserts which
all found delicious like the classic Pinoy Halo-halo,

Vanilla Ice Cream served with sliced
ripe bananas and bathed with caramel,

…and Fruit Platter served with
Ice cream on the middle of the plate.

These are just few of the wonderful dishes that keep
us coming back again and again to Gerry’s Grill.

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