Saturday, June 13, 2020

Piazza del Doumo: The Heart Of Milan (Sophisticated Milan Series 4)

Piazza del Doumo
The Heart Of Milan
Sophisticated Milan Series 4

Piazza del Doumo is the main piazza of Milan,

Surrounded by some of the most important-

….and historic buildings,

…not only in Milan-

…but the whole of Italy.

The piazza’s centerpiece is the
monument King Vito Emmanule II.

With all the prestigious structures surrounding 
the Piazza del Doumo- the view is dominated 
by the Milan Cathedral- probably the most
 popular tourist attraction in the city.

The Piazza del Doumo aside from being
literally the geographic center of the city-

…it is also considered Italy’s
center for arts and culture.

Being the city’s geographic center and
the  core where the arts culture throbs,

there is no wonder why Piazza del Doumo
is called by some people as the Heart of Milan.

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