Saturday, June 20, 2020

McDonalds’ Doumo: McHealthy Fare (Sophisticated Milan Series 6)

McDonalds’ Doumo
McHealthy Fare
Sophisticated Milan Series 6

We spotted McDonalds’ Doumo after queuing
for entrance tickets to the Doumo de Milano
for almost six hours without succeeding.

It was past noon, we were starving- and 
seeing a fast- food nearby was a blessing.

Just like any other McDonald restaurants in the world,
this one in Doumo also offers the usual McDo fares-

…but surprisingly, this is on of the very few
fast- food chains that offers fresh fruits in the menu.

McDonalds’ Doumo also offers a
view of Piazza del Doumo in front-

...and the ancient Piazza de Mercanti,

…what used to be the heart of
the city during the middle ages-

…at the rear side of the restaurant.

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