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From Lyon to Milan: A Scenic European Train Ride (Sophisticated Milan Series 1)

From Lyon to Milan
A Scenic European Train Ride
Sophisticated Milan Series 1

It was our last day in Lyon and
we all woke up early for breakfast.

After checking out from in Lagrange Aparthotel,
we relaxed at the lobby whilewaiting our Uber Taxi t.

We got to Gare Lyon Part-Dieu
an hour earlier our scheduled train,

So we decided to stay put,

…and wait for our train to arrive.

We also fancied the gadget charger,

…that have to pedal-

... to activate the power to charge your phone.

The train came on time and we
settled on our business class seats,

…and  finally left on time for Milan, our
third stop of our spring European vacation.

From the Lyon Gare Part-Dieu,

... the urban landscape slowly transition
to a more peaceful and quiet landscape-

…of quaint railroad side villages,

…rustic farms,

…and scenic lakes,

...until we reached Saint-André-le-Gaz

…a small city located south east of
France within the Rhône-Alpes region.

We were then treated to
some of the most loveliest,

…and prettiest,

…countryside sceneries.

It was at this time when
they started to serve snacks,

Since it was on the Rhône-Alpes,

…it also treated us to the sight of
beautiful snow capped mountains.

The scenic countryside view

 ...went all the way to Chambéry-

... where the train had a brief stop at the
Gare de Chambéry Challes Les Eaux.

Chambéry is a beautiful Alpine town
still in the Rhône-Alpes region of France,
the birthplace and historic capital of Savoie.

When the train rolled out
of the Chambery station,

…we caught the sight of
the Chartreuse Mountains-

…a part of the Réserve Naturelle Nationale
des Hauts de Chartreuse, a national nature
reserve located in the Rhône-Alpes region.

Called National nature reserve of the Hauts de Chartreuse
in English, it covers 4,450 hectares of a vast rocky terrain
bordered by mountain cliffs which has in subalpine setting.

What followed next was some of the most 
awesome countryside sceneries in the world,

Multilayered mountain range,

…of verdant hills,

…and snow- capped peaks.

Bucolic mountain side communities,

…rustic farms,

…with snow capped mountainside as a backdrop,

…until we reached the small
town of La Croix-de-la-Rochette.

The train did not stop at this small 
commune  in south-eastern France-

…but this was probably-

…the most scenic part of our journey,

…as we were treated with the magnificent view-

…of the Alpine mountainside communities,

…until we reached the Gare de St Avre la Chambre.-

...a small commune in south-eastern France and still
a part of the lovely  Auvergne- Rhône-Alpes region.

When the train slowly rolled away 
from St Avre la Chambre.stAtion,

…the Alpine countryside view,

… the ragged ice- capped mountains,

…were just as breathtaking…

...which dominated the scenic landscape- 

,,,up to the Saint Jean de Maurienne 

...a communein the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region 
that lies in the Maurienne, the valley of the River Arc.

A short scenic-

…train ride-

…took us to Modane,

…which I initially thought was already a part of Italy 

...as it did not sound French to me.

It turned out that Modane 
in the Maurienne Valley-

....is still a part of  the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region,

It sounded Italian as it was once
 a part of theKingdom of Sardinia- 

....until the Treaty of Turin in 1860 that 
turned to valley commune to France.

We got hungry at this point  so together 
with my son, we headed to the dining car,

...to buy some snacks.

We finally got the first glance of Italy-

,,,when we arrived iu Bardonecchia.


Bardonecchia is an Italian town
in the western part of Susa Valley.

…and already a part  in the Metropolitan City of Turin,

The town hosted the snowboarding
events of the 2006 Winter Olympics. 

The small commune of Oulx
in the Italian region Piedmont,

…is also a part of the Metropolitan City of Turin

…it is an Italian border town,

…as it located at the peripheries of France.

We passed by Bussoleno,

…also a commune in the Metropolitan City of Turin.

It was a beautiful Italian town,

...with bucolic-

.... yet magnificent  countryside scenery-

…and located about 45 kilometers west of Turin.

We arrived in Torino shortly.

Turin is the capital city of Piedmont in northern Italy,

…known for its refined architecture-

…and of course- the shroud of Turin.

We arrived short in Santhia,

…still a part of the Italian region Piedmont,

…in the province of Vercelli

…and home to a historic carnival held since the 14th
century named  the Carnevale Storico di Santhià.

There was a brief stop in Novara

…the capital city of the
 in the Piedmont region.

We knew we are getting closer

to Milan when we arrived in Rho-

Rho is a town that is already a part
of the Metropolitan City of Milan,

…in the Italian region of Lombardy, about
about 14 kilometres northwest of Milan.

The breezed thru Pregnana Milagese without stopping.

Pregnana Milanese is a town located
in the Metropolitan City of Milan,

…and it was just a short
train ride away to Milan.

We arrived in Milan P Garibal train  station-

…after almost 6 hours-

…of what is probably one of
the scenic train ride in the world.

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