Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Parco Sempione: Peace and Quiet in Milan (Sophisticated Milan Series 17)

Parco Sempione
Peace and Quiet in Milan
Sophisticated Milan Series 17

Parco Sempione  is one of
the largest city park in Milan.

The park is adjacent to the two
of the main landmarks of Milan-

…the lush gardens of the 
Sforza Castle on one side,

 …and to the Arch of Peace,
on the opposite side.

 Also called "Simplon Park", it was established
in 1888,  it has an overall area of 38.6 hectare,

Designed by architect Emilio Alemagna,
Parco Sempione was conceived with the
intent of creating a quiet refuge and a place
for rest and recreation for city dwellers.

The park has large grassy areas and rolling terrain,

…perfect for picnics and excursions,

…play various sports,

…or just for plain lazing
a do some people watching.

Within Parco Sempione is the Palazzo dell'Arte,
also knwen as the "Palace of Art”, which currently
houses the Triennale di Milano art exposition.

Within the park are several attractions like
 Arena Civica, the public aquarium, the 
Torre Branca and the public library which
was previously the X Triennial Pavilion.

 The park also has an urban forest-

mainly of oaks and chestnut woods.

Located just at the rear sides of Sforza Castle,

…Parco Sempione is the best place to rest and
relax after a busy day at the fortress museum.

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