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Disneyland Anaheim; Nothing Beats the Original (Anaheim, Theme Park City Series 2)

Disneyland Anaheim 
Nothing Beats the Original 
(Anaheim, Theme Park City Series 2) 

I cannot remember how many times I have been
to Disneyland Anaheim as I have returning here
with my relatives since I was young, and single.

This is my wife’s third time
here since we got married,

…my  teen daughter’s third time,

…and my young son’s second
visit in Anaheim Disney.

The last time we were here was three years ago and
here we are again- just as excited as our first visit.

The happiest place on earth- that’s how Disneyland
is known to be and indeed it is impossible to get sad
when once you set foot at the Main Street USA.

This is the main entrance to the park and it is a
showcase of  the glorious bygone Victorian Era.

It is a cacophony of the wonderful sights and sounds of
a frenzied and exciting old America made picture perfect.

The Main Street USA also serves as a
portal  to the various theme park zones.

With little kids in tow, we immediately line up
on the old time favorite rides at the Fantasyland.

There are several rides in this zone but there are at least
five must ride attractions, namely the Peter Pan Flight,

Pinnochio’s Daring Journey,

Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride,

…for bigger kids, they should not miss
the exciting Matterhorn Bobsleds,

...Alice in the Wonderland Ride,

…and of course one should never, never miss
the delightful It’s A Small World boat ride.

The Fantasyland would then take you to the Mickey’s Toontown,
were all the rides here are meant to please the very young kids.

This is also the place where you get to greet and meet a lot
of  Disney characters, including Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

From here, one can walk to the Frontierland

...and one should never, never miss the classic
 Big Thunder Mountain Railroad roller coaster ride.

You kids would also enjoy a leisurely cruise on a  
Mark Twain Riverboat, which was out of service
during our visit, but the  Sailing Ship Columbia was
 a perfect alternative to cruise the Tom Sawyer country.

From the Frontierland, guests can walk
directly  to New Orleans Square where two
must not miss classic attractions are found.

These are the Haunted Mansion,

…and the iconic Pirates of the Caribbean.

This is also a perfect place to have lunch due
to  the  abundance of delicious Creole dishes
available in various restaurants in this zone.

The Critter Country is accessible from here
and this is where the kids favorites are located,
the Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh,

…and the exciting Splash Mountain.

This is also the best part of the park to recharge and snack, so
we decided to buy a piping hot, freshly cooked Funnel Cake

Critter country is a dead end zone so
guests  had to walk back to New Orleans
Square to get to the Adventure Land.

Adventure Land is where the very
popular Jungle Cruise is found,


…and the heart thumping
Indiana Jones Adventure.

This is also where Tarzan's house is found.


Guests could also relax and enjoy a beautiful
and relaxing animatronic singing bird show
at the Enchanted Tiki Room, and a perfect place
to recharge and rest  after whole day  of walking.

Tomorrowland is best visited last in the late
afternoon or at night time as it looks more beautiful
and futuristic with all the colorful blinking lights on.

This could be accessed by crossing the Main Street USA,
or take a leisurely train ride from the main station to
Tomorrowland which is at the farthest zone of the park.

For those with young kids, they should not
miss the Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage,

…Buzz Lightyear’s Astro Blasters,

…and Autopia.

For older kids and adults, the must not miss
rides are the Space Mountain Ghost Galaxy,

…and Star Tours, the Adventure Continues.

Disneyland also has numerous shows 
that both kids and adults  would enjoy, 

...and endless photo- ops with Disney characters.

A day in Disneyland is not complete without experiencing 
the spectacular fireworks and the Disney Parade, of course.

Anaheim Disneyland is Walt Disney’s oldest
theme park and is where the magic  started
when it opened in 1955, almost 60 years ago.

Newer and more modern versions have sprouted  
in  other places in Asia, like Japan and Hong Kong

…in Paris, France in Europe,

WDW in Orlando Florida ,

...and we have been to almost all of them, but we kept 
returning to Southern California to reminisce  the good old  
Disney magic of yesteryears  again and again and again.

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