Saturday, November 8, 2014

Cowan Asian Express, NAIA Terminal 3

Cowan Asian Express 
NAIA Terminal 3 

We seldom dine out whenever in Manila, so my family’s
dining experience in the city is limited to airport restaurants,
mall based restaurants and hotel buffet and room service.

The good thing is, NAIA Terminal 3 now hosts a good
number of restaurants and if one needs delicious Asian
dishes fast,  Cowan Asian Express is the place to go.

We were in for a few hours lay over on our
PAL flight from Naga en route to Tugeugarao,
we decided to sine at Cowan Asian Express.

While my wife and son ordered their all day
breakfast meals of  tangy Daing na Bangus,

…and a barren looking but
otherwise tasty Beef Tapa,

…and my daughter had a unattractive- looking
 Ramen, that she said tasted delicious despite the
unassuming and somewhat dreadful presentation.

I feasted on their delicious Dumplings
(which I shared with everyone else, of course),

… addicting Sushis,

Salmon and Tuna Sashimis.

I kept ordering for refill until I was informed
that they ran out of both  sushi and sashimi.

Cowan Asian Express is a reliable source
of delicious Asian dishes, at the NAIA 3,
served fresh and fast for people in a hurry.


  1. Feb 24,2015 7:15 I with my sister ate at your restaurant at NAIA terminal 3(Cowan Asian Express). We ordered daing na bangus, lechon kawali, siomai and iced tea that costed to P495.00. But my sister wanted to take out two siopaos so I gave my sister P1,000.00 ( 2pcs P500.00) and went to the cashier and she insisted to have OR. When my sister return back to our table your waiter approached us that the money gave to the cashier was only P500.00 and they insisted that we gave only one (1) pc of P500.00..Oh come on! Connivance of your employees just for this f**king small amount!!! Dear manager of this restaurant, please give a f**king sanction of your employees or terminate those DISHONEST employees! Those employees could ruin your establishment. 'Mukhang pera lalo na cashier nyo'