Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Annelle’s Magsaysay: Flavors of Home

Annelle’s Magsaysay 
Flavors of Home 

I have reviewed Annelle’s original branch in Centro
in the past and never had the chance to do so with  their
new restaurant in Magsaysay Avenue as it was difficult to
 get a parking space as it is always packed on weekends.

We finally had a chance to dine during the All Saint’s Day
while everyone headed to the cemetery, we headed to
Annelle’s in Magsaysay, finding a parking was a breeze,
and we were delighted to see few diners in the restaurant.

It was a pretty and dainty restaurant with touches
of old European/English rustic country cottage,

…and my wife had a haunch that it was designed
by Biboy Belleza, who also designed our house,
me and my wife’s offices, and our laboratory.

So she asked the staff who designed the restaurant
and confirmed that indeed, it was Biboy who did it.

We all decided to order their Perfect Plates 
menu that comes with rice, a side dish and
a soup, but  instructed the waiter to serve
the food in a way that we could share them.

So that’s exactly what he did. He served the rice
on huge handsome and exquisite porcelain plates,

…the utensils were on a lovely porcelain box,

...and the soup on immaculate white bowl and was
neither attractive nor appetizing as it looked bizarre.
It had specks of gross, dark orange colored oil floating
on light- orange colored broth. It had the taste of slight
tomato sourness with and hint of tangy kalamansi.
Whatever it was, it tasted weird and nobody liked it.

We ordered Bacon Wrapped Shrimps, where the
plump shrimps were wrapped in bacon, dipped in batter
and then fried to deliciously- chewy brown perfection.

The Baby Back Ribs came as a small lump of dark
colored meat. I have always wanted my ribs in slabs
and glowing with attractively pinkish or reddish hue.
Annelle’s baby back ribs was tender and falls of from
the bones, it tasted okay but nothing to rave about.

The Malasugui Steak was very delicious.
It appeared like the fish had been pre- fried
then bathed in soy sauce and topped with
fresh zucchini and crunchy white onions.

I have always loved the Special Homemade Meatloaf
in Annelle’s even on their old original restaurant at the
city center. This time it was even made doubly delicious
as they had bigger servings of meatloaf in this new branch.

The best dish for the night was Grilled Honey Chops.
It came as a generous slab of tender honeyed pork
grilled to a lip-smacking, juicy medium rare perfection

We ended our dinner with a serving
of delicious Fruit Salad as a dessert.

Indeed, Annelle’s homey ambiance and delicious
home- cooked meals would make one feel at home.

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