Saturday, November 1, 2014

Delightful Sbarro's Naga: Anatomy of Delicious Italian Lunch

Delightful Sbarro's Naga 
Anatomy of Delicious Italian Lunch

Fortunately, Sbarro opened its first ever store in
Bicol right at my hometown in Naga, City- and
unfortunately in an uncomfortably crowded location
at the perpetually crammed SM City Naga foodcourt.

So we have no choice but to order food to go
to enjoy our favorite pizza and pasta dishes,

…away from the hustle in bustle,

…where you can just close you eyes and
savor the goodness of a real Italian meal,

…right at the comfort of your home.

Oh, how I wish to see a full Sbarro restaurant the city,
where the whole family can dine and laze for a while
after enjoying a deliciously satisfying Sbarro dinner.

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