Saturday, November 15, 2014

Fantastic Food Finds at Bishop Gainza Trade Fair

Fantastic Food Finds 
at Bishop Gainza Trade Fair 

The Bishop Gainza Trade Fair last September
gave us a taste of various food delicacies from
the different provinces of the Philippines. 

It is a grand culinary and cultural tour of the 
country, without having have to leave the city.

The trade fair is a wonderful cacophony of the sights
and sounds of the best of that the country could offer.

But what caught our attention was the
booth from Vigan City in  Ilocos Sur,

…the had a display of the popular
pre- cooked Bagnet for sale,

…and the Vigan Longaniza.

Since we are not Bagnet fans, and we have not tasted
Vigan Longaniza yet, we bought  a pack of the sausage.

Another booth that caught our attention was the one
from Sorsogon as it was selling a lot of sea foods.

We bought a pack each of Baloko, Scallops 
Native Chicken, and Fresh Prawns.


Since it was a long weekend holiday 
during the Penafrancia festivities,

 ...I had a chance to to play weekend
 chef for my family once again.

Vigan Longaniza with Fried Egg.

The Vigan Longaniza was frozen
so it needed to be defrosted.

Once defrosted, it is easy to cook as one
just had to boil it with small amount of water, oil is needed, but one had to puncture 
the sausage, to release the trapped oil ,

...and it would cook on it’s own tasty juices.

Set aside once cooked,

…and best eaten with garlic fried
rice and eggs fried sunny side up.

Adobong Baloko
Sorsogon’s Popular Sea Food

We also bought a pack of frozen Baloko,
a sea shell from the Sorsogon booth.

I have not seen the live shell yet, but the it’s fleshy
innard was huge, about the size half of my palm.

The lady at the booth advised that the best way
to cook the Baloko is to cook it adobo style,

…so that’s exactly what we did.

The result was a delicious and healthier seafood version
Pinoy Adobo devoid of the disgusting grease and fat.

Buttered Scallops

The ingredients are simple and basic,

Steam the scallops until cooked.

Melt butter and sweet margarine on a skillet.

Squeeze orange juice,

…stir fry the scallop, sprinkle 
with thyme and cinnamon.


Buttered Steamed Prawns

This has exactly the same ingredients
and prepared exactly the same way
the buttered scallops are cooked.

Steam the prawns until cooked.

Melt butter and sweet margarine 
on a skillet, squeeze orange juice,

…stir fry the pre-steamed prawns,

…sprinkle with thyme and cinnamon,

...and serve hot with orange butter sauce dip
as a side dish.

Native Chicken Adobo.

It was cooked the way a regular chicken adobo

…is cooked by most Filipino households.

Moist, tasty, just a little sweet and salty
served and eaten with a lot of rice.

The annual Bishop Gainza Trade Fair give the Bicolanos a chance
to feast the best cuisine from all over the Philippines and a must 
visit for everyone visiting the city during the Penafrancia festivities,

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