Tuesday, June 27, 2017

A l'Ombre de Notre Dame; Trying Out Parisian Cuisine (I Love Paris Series 8)

A l'Ombre de Notre Dame
Trying Out French Cuisine
I Love Paris Series 8 

It was past noon time when we arrived at the Notre Dame Cathedral
and the queue to the was church kilometric, the weather was hot, so we
decided to dine and cool off at the nearby A l'Ombre de Notre Dame.

The Traiteur Asia, Asia Delices Paris a restaurant located 
very near Hotel Bresil Opera where we were staying, provided 
my family with  delicious, yet affordable Chinese dishes, made
 us satiated that we did not look for other restaurants to dine.

A l'Ombre de Notre Dame, will therefore be the
first restaurant where we could try French Cuisine.


The restaurant had an outdoor dining area,

…and an elegant air- conditioned indoor dining hall.


We chose to dine indoors as it was very hot outside.


We started our late lunch with Soupe a l’ Oignon.
Also known as French Onion Soup in English and
it was creamy, a bit sour and had a  delightful  tangy
aftertaste of onion that does not overwhelm the dish.


The hot onion soup blended perfectly well as a
dipper with the freshly baked French Baguettes.


The Spagettis Carbonara or the Spaghetti Carbonara
was also very good. It was firm and cooked perfectly
al’ dente  It was bathed with a creamy white sauce
with bits and pieces tasty of crispy bacon and finally
topped with abundant finely shredded parmesan cheese.

We also loved the Poulet Roti Fermier, made of  a
huge chicken quarter, enough to feed a family of four.
It was roasted to perfection, the meat was juicy and
very tender, having a melt in the mouth consistency.
It was bathed with the tasty juices produced while
roasting, but basted to a delightfully creamy sauce.
It was served with a heaping mound of French Fires.

We love hamburger and no meal is complete without
trying one from any country that we visit. It was love at
first bite for this French restaurant. The patty was fried
to a juicy, medium rare perfection, topped with bacon,
cheese and fresh lettuce. It was not as salty as its American
counterpart and that’s what makes this burger very delicious.
You enjoy the beef in its purest, rarest and untainted way.

We also got to enjoy the restaurant's wide
 assortment of ice cream flavors after our meal. 


A l'Ombre de Notre Dame did not disappoint
and gave us a delicious preview of what to expect
of French cuisine for our week- long stay in Paris.

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