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Parc du Champs de Mars and Ecole Militaire: The Best View of Eiffel Tower (I Love Paris Series 3)

Parc du Champs de Mars and Ecole Militaire 
The Best View of Eiffel Tower
I Love Paris Series 3 

From the Trocadéro,

… one can walk across the street,

…and the river of Sienne,

…to the Parc du Champs de Mars, 

...for a closer view of Eiffel Tower, one of the world’s most visited
 monuments and  the most popular icon that symbolizes France.


Parc du Champs de Mars or Field of Mars in English,
was named as a tribute to the Roman God of war and
alludes to the fact that it was used as marching and
drilling grounds by the French military in the past.

It is the most popular place to view the Eiffel Tower, where 
one  could be overwhelmed by the tower’s grandness up- close.

When you walk towards the Ecole Militaire at the far 
end  of Parc du Champs de Mars, guests will be 
rewarded  with an unobstructed view of the Eiffel Tower.


This is where most of the tourists come to view,

…take photos.

^^^Our old photo taken in 2013 (before my son
was born) with then my 4 year old daughter

^^^A photo on the same site taken in 2017 his time 
with our young son and teenage daughter.

…or even just laze on the well manicured
lawns to relax and ogle at the iconic tower.


At the rear end of the Parc du Champs de Mars is the École Militaire, or  
French for Military School. founded in 1750, created as an academic college 
for cadet officers from poor noble families. It is a vast complex of buildings
 of military training facilities where Napoleon Bonaparte graduated in 1784. 

A visit to Eiffel Tower is a four in one package as you
would also get to see three other historic attractions, the Trocadero, 

...Parc du Champs de Mars,

and  the École Militaire. 

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