Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Traiteur Asia: Asia, Delices Paris: Delicious Chinese Cuisine (I Love Paris Series 4)

Traiteur Asia: Asia Delices Paris 
Delicious Chinese Cuisine
I Love Paris Series 4 

We arrived in Paris at noon- time and our room at the
Hotel Bresil Opera would not be  available until  2 PM.


Tired and starving after a long- haul flight from Manila,
we decided to look for a place to eat and we stumbled
upon Traiteur Asia: Asia Delices Paris, a Chinese
restaurant located just few steps away from the hotel.

Traiteur Asia: Asia Delices Paris  is similar to our
local ‘carenderias’ in the Philippines that serve pre-
cooked dishes displayed in a glass-encased counter.

There was an enormous variety of Chinese dishes,

…sold on a per gram basis,


…and served in disposable plastic containers.


The food in this restaurant was so delicious,


…and we got to try almost all what they could offer,

…as we dined here everyday.


We became a daily fare in Traiteur Asia that
their Chinese servers became our friends. We
even got to meet the chef and even the owner.


There was always a table ready for us as we made it a point 
to dine every night  there before retiring back to the hotel. 

Traiteur Asia: Asia Delices Paris' delicious rice- based dishes
kept my family well fed and the staff’s hospitality made us feel

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