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Smokehouse Grill: Home of Orlando’s Best BBQ (Orlando, Florida, Beyond WDW Series 2)

Smokehouse Grill 
Home of Orlando’s Best BBQ 
(Orlando, Florida, Beyond WDW Series 2) 

Call it fate or even destiny but the best thing that ever happened
by chance when we booked at Westgate Lake Resort and Spa 
is having the Smokehouse Grill as out next door neighbor.


Known as the “home of Orlando's best BBQ,"  this award-
winning restaurant offers a relaxed, casual dining experience.



Smokehouse Grill features a full-service bar,


…a game room,


… and numerous plasma screen TVs
displaying continuous sporting events.


We dined here twice during our week long
stay at the Westgate Lake Resort and Spa, 
and got to try some of their best selling specialties.


They always serve a complimentary bread basket.


We tremendously enjoyed the Smokehouse Platter.
Dubbed as the ‘MacDaddy of platter’, this humogous
combo meal has the best of everything in this restaurant.


Included is a delicious Texas barbecue style Beef Brisket.
A product of a perfectly marinated spice rub and had an
aromatic smoky flavor, further enhanced by burnt dripping
meat juices on the hardwood while the beef is being grilled.

Also included is a barbecued Pulled Pork, that was so tender
and you could see each individual piece of meat once separated
by a fork. It also remained temptingly moist and very succulent
despite the long process of slow cooked smoking method done.

There was also grilled Fred Stokes Smoked Sausages. 
I have long wanted to try this signature gourmet sausage
by Fred Stokes, (a popular American football player) and
finally had a chance to do so at Westgate Smokehouse Grill.
This naturally smoked gluten free sausage was very delicious.

Of course, there is a full slab of Smokehouse Grilled Ribs. 
This big chunk of perfectly grilled Texas style barbecued ribs
is loaded with the rich flavor and aromatic scent of hardwood
(and calories as well). But who cares? This extremely popular
Smokehouse Grill specialty is so delicious and so crave- worthy
that this one dish that is to die for- literally and  figuratively.

Also included in the platter were the Fried Pastry Balls, 
The waitress told me its name of this dish that had a hint
of Cinnamon aftertaste, but I could not recall what it was.

It also came with creamy Mashed Potatoes,


….and delicious Baked Potatoes. 


The menu stated that this was good for two persons but it was an
 understatement. The serving was HUGE so we had tons of leftovers
despite three of us shared the food. We had it wrapped to go and
it sustained our in room dinner everyday for free for three days.


My young son ordered a Cheeseburger at the Junior Menu.
It was a 4 oz delicious juicy burger, definitely not junior- sized
and it came with  a generous serving of perfectly fried crispy
flat- shaped French fries. What was supposed to be a kiddie- meal
was more than enough for a young average sized Filipino boy to eat.


The kids also loved the Handmade Fresh Ice Cream Milkshakes.


We returned to the restaurant on our penultimate day in Orlando.



They again served the routinary free bread basket.


Being a burger fanatic, I would not allow this opportunity to 
pass, without being able to sample their signature burger 
before returning back to the Philippines, so I ordered one.


The Smokehouse Burger was a handsome hulk of a burger
that had crisp shredded lettuce, sliced fresh tomatoes, crunchy
shaved Bermuda onions sandwiched in a buttery toasted bun.
It was an all- American burger with an addicting all- American
goodness, with tangy pickles fries and generous French on the side.


My wife ordered the Stacked High Pulled Pork Sandwich. 
Just like the Smokehouse Burger, this hulk of a sandwich had a
massive heap of very succulent barbecued pulled pork. It was squeezed
between buttery buns that did not become soggy despite the profusion
of tasty juices coming the deliciously moist, slow cooked pulled pork.


It was served with a classic Mac and Cheese,
coleslaw and the cinnamon tasting pastry balls.

My son ordered a Classic Hamburger in the Junior Menu  and  just
 like the last  time it was served in a skillet,  while the shredded lettuce, 
pickles, and tomatoes  were served as an option as a side dish,
so veggie loving kids may decide to  put it on the sandwich as well.


My daughter was not hungry then so she ordered a slice
of New York Cheesecake, which was sinfully delicious. 


‘Home of Orlando’s Best BBQ’ is what The Smokehouse Gril 
claims itself to be, and indeed it has proven itself right and 
deserving of the title, and I believe is even an understatement.


Everything tasted great in this restaurant 
including their non barbecue items  in the menu.

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