Saturday, October 1, 2016

Starbucks Universal Citywalk: Yummy Milk Dunking Snacks (Orlando. Florida, Beyond WDW Series 9)

Starbucks Universal Citywalk 
Yummy Milk Dunking Snacks
(Orlando. Florida, Beyond WDW Series 9)

My son was craving for milk and cookies
after a busy day at the Islands of Adventure,

…and by chance we spotted the Starbucks at the Universal Citywalk on our 
way to the parking area. The timing was perfect. The hotel shuttle would 
still be coming at 9 PMso we still have two hours to have a snack and relax.

The Starbucks Universal Citywalk is probably one
of the biggest Starbucks restaurant that we have been to,


…had large al fresco seating area at the veranda,


…and inside the restaurant was just as spacious.


Together with a cup of coffee,


…I enjoyed a pack of Kettle Potato Chips 
with delightful smoky sweet barbecue flavor,


…my daughter had a pack Butter Gourmet Popcorn, 

…while my wife had a piece Choco Chip Scones.

My son’s cookie- milk dunking snacks craving
was the main reason why we came here,


…and with a glass of warm milk,


…a Starbucks’s signature Choco Chip Cookie,


..he was in for a gloriously satisfying experience. 


Starbucks once again did not disappoint.

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