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Universal Studios Orlando: Riding the Movies in Orlando (Orlando, Florida, Beyond WDW Series 3)

Universal Studios Orlando 
Riding the Movies in Orlando
(Orlando, Florida, Beyond WDW Series 3)

 My family have been frequent visitors of
Universal Studios Hollywood in the past,

…and also visited Universal Studios Singapore
with our loyal, long time employees few years ago,

…but this is my family’s first time in Universal Studios Orlando.

We were all in high spirits despite the fact that we have just stayed
for a week at Walt Disney World and visited all the theme parks
and water parks that the resort had to offer. We had  the same level
of adrenalin rush, the same level of excitement and enthusiasm that
never waned during our last eight days in this theme park paradise.

We bought four two- day, multi park tickets the hotel which
we upgraded to Express Pass Tickets at the park to assure
us that we would not have to fall in line to enjoy the attractions.


We woke up early in the morning,had a breakfast in our 
room, and off we went to the hotel shuttle waiting area,


…that took us to the Universal Citywalk,


…where we walked our way to
the Universal Studios Orlando.

We took photos at the entrance,

…and unlike Universal Studios Hollywood 
that had an impressive upper lot entrance
their Orlando park didn’t looked as grand.

It was a part of the Production Central zone
of the park and we immediately lined up at
the express entrance of the Minion Mayhem.

Just beside it was Shrek 4D, where the line was
also kilometric and we were thankful the we had
an express pass so we were in the show in a jiffy,

…and after the show, we were just in time
to watch a high school brass band parade.



We then turned right to Hollywood Zone,

…where we watched the Terminator 2 3D,


...that had a superheroes souvenir shop at the exit.


We later chanced upon Dora  and Diego’s  musical parade,

…and we saw several characters,

…while we were on our way,


... to the Woody Woodpecker Kids Zone.


We had a photo- op with Spongebob Squarepants,



…and went to enjoy ET, the Ride.

The last time I tried this iconic ET movie inspired ride was in 1998,
in Universal Studious Hollywood but it has long been removed a long
time ago to give way to newer attractions. I became nostalgic and thankful
that Universal Orlando kept this ride and gave my children a chance to
experience the movie of my childhood  and  the favorite ride in my youth.

The kids also enjoyed Woody Woodpecker’s Nuthouse Coaster,


…and Curious George Goes to Town’s
wet and wild maze and playground.

A day In the Park with Barney  was the
main reason why we came for to this zone.
My son Timothy is a Barney fanatic and he
breaths and lives with Barney in his system.

The little boy was lucky. 


He got to personally meet his idol
face to face before the show,

…and got to sing,





...hug and cuddle,


…and even play with him just like
what he sees in his TV show.



He tremendously enjoyed the show,


… and got a chance to meet the other Barney
characters like BJ and Baby Bop after the show.

We decided to skip the Animal Actors Show, as we have already
seen this pet show several times in Universal Studios Hollywood,

…and walked our way to the World Expo Zone,

…where we enjoyed the thrilling Men in Black,

…and  Simpson the Ride,
a simulated roller coaster ride.


We had a light snack at Krusty Buger,

…and skipped other attractions like the Fear Factor
and  Kang and Kodo’s Twirl and Hurl.

We all excitedly walked our way to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.
 where the triple decker Knight Bus with talking shrunken heads are found.


At the backstreet of this classic London scenery,

…is the magical world of Harry Potter,

…where the recreation Diagon Alley was so
realistic and would make one feel like being
transported to the magical world of Harry Potter.

It was already past noontime and we decided
to have a late lunch at the Leaky Cauldron,

…in a creepy looking medieval- themed restaurant,

…where we were served delicious British cuisine.

We then queued at the King’s Cross station,


…to ride the Hogwarts Express,

…that would took us from Diagon Alley

…to Hogsmead,


…located at the Islands of Adventure, so a park-to-park
admission ticket is required to ride Hogwarts Express.

We did not stay long in Hogsmeade as we intended to explore it on
 our second day, and we took the train back again to Diagon Alley.

We then queued at the Harry Potter and the Escape
from Gringotts which we all tremendously enjoyed.


From the Harry Potter world, we decided to
rest at the San Francisco section of the park,


…before heading to New York zone,

…again to rest some more,


…and decided to skip the Revenge of the Mummy.


We returned to the Production Central zone
and enjoyed the Transformer 3D the Ride.


We still have 30 minutes left before
the park would be closes at 7 PM,

…we walked back to Hollywood Zone,

…to watch the Horror Make Up Show.



The show was finished exactly at 7 PM,
the park’s  scheduled closing time,

…and we walked our way back to the exit,
and took some more photos,



…and headed to Universal City Walk.


We dined at the foodcourt,


…and feasted on Chinese specialties on Panda Express,


…before we returned to the parking area
where we would be picked up by the free
shuttle that would take us back to the hotel.

It was another well spent day in the park.

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