Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Jack’s Blue Plate Express: Panganiban Drive, Naga City

Jack’s Blue Plate Express 
Panganiban Drive, Naga City 

It was some kind of miracle when we spotted a vacant
parking space in front of the Jack’s Blue Plate Express
at the perpetually busy Panganiban Drive on a weekend.

We have been longing to return to their branch
Magsaysay but it is impossible to find a parking
space on that ever busy dining  strip on a weekend.

Jack’s Blue Plate Express is more 
of fast food rather than a full restaurant .

...as  compared to the 
Jack’s Blue Plate Diners 
in Magsaysay and Pili.

The menu Jack’s Blue Plate Express is also different 
as  they offer several fast food items like rice toppings 
not  available in  Jack’s Blue Plate Diner restaurants,

...which by the way are delicious and affordable-

... but that’s okay- as their extremely popular 
hamburgers are available here anyway.

This is a place to go when one wants to binge eat as
the food is really good and their servings are huge.

And that’s exactly what we wanted to do- binge eat.
It had been quite a while since we last dined here so
 we were craving to pig out in what probably is Bicol’s
version of the iconic Denny’s Restaurant in the US.

We ordered two of their popular enormous
burgers, the Bacon Mushroom Angus,

…and the Jalapeno Angus Burger, both
of which are so damn good and huge
enough to whet everyone huge appetites.

But no matter how colossal the burgers were, they were so good
that we ended craving for more- so we ordered an additional
Mushroom Patty Melt. The bread was generously greased with
butter before toasting giving it a melt in the mouth goodness. The
tender and juicy angus beef burger patty was bathed in delectable
mushroom sauce and topped with melted cheese, that was oozing
out from what I believe is the most delicious sandwich in the world.

We never fail to order their Fish and Fries, as nothing
comes close to their version of this dish in the province.
This best of Bicol dish comes as a huge slab of batter-
coated fish fillet, fried to golden perfection that is delicious
and crispy on the outside but very juicy and tasty inside.

We also feasted on yummy Onion Rings. It was perfectly fried
and evenly coated with batter that does not fall off when eaten.

This restaurant also serves some of the best pizza in town
and we ordered a Solo Pepperoni Pizza. It was big enough
for a family of four. The pizza crust was soft and chewy, the
gooey melted mozzarella was overflowing and was topped
generously with flavorful pepperoni. It was very delicious.

The pizza came with a free Solo Burger,

…and we ordered another Solo Burger. We didn’t get to
taste the burgers as we had them wrapped so we could give
them to the two security guards on duty in our subdivision.

My son still wanted to eat something with rice for dinner, so
we ordered a Classic Home Style Fried Chicken. I believe
this is probably one of the best fried chicken dishes in the city.
The chicken leg was huge, plump, juicy and was very tasty.

Or meal came with free Brewed Coffee.

Jack’s Blue Plate never disappoints. The service, the taste
and the quality of the food has been maintained consistently


  1. I had a different experience in their store in Magsaysay - the pizza was not good at all. The dough seems like it was frozen and the toppings were a joke. I hope it was a fluke but I'm not likely to go back. I know they're suppose to be good with burgers but I had a really hard time getting that pizza down

    1. Thank you for sharing your experience.

      Interestingly, my wife said the same thing the last time she dined in Magsaysay. She did not like the pizza and particularly pointed out the crust.

      Luckily, I have never had similar experience, it so I brushed off her comment as probably an isolated case. I have just dined twice in Jack’s Blue Plate, Magsaysay and I have not tried their pizza yet.

      With another similar incident coming from you, I think they should seriously monitor their restaurant in Magsaysay as it is new, and they probably have not perfected operating it.

  2. Hello, this is Jack from Jacks Blue plate family. I am sorry you had a bad experience at our Magsaysay branch. We recently had a malfunctioning oven where the bottom portion of the oven was not reaching proper temperature and the top was browning before the bottom. It took me some time to catch the problem as the indicator wasn't reading properly. The issue has been corrected and our pizza is now crunchy as before. If you have any problems please let one of the wait staff or the manager on duty know so the problem can be resolved. If someone had spoke up I would have caught the problem sooner. If you try us once again just let the staff know about this post and you can get 10% off your next meal. Thanks!

    1. Thank for your prompt response Jack.

      Anyway, we were back at your restaurant just the other day, tried the apple pies again and they were just as divine.