Saturday, October 24, 2015

Requiem to Hotel Intercontinental Manila

Requiem to 
Hotel Intercontinental Manila 

The Ayala Group recently announced that by
 year end, after 46 years, they are closing down 
the iconic Hotel Intercontinental Manila .

This hotel would be terribly missed as it had been
the hotel of choice by travelers  staying in Makati. 

The Intercon was built during the period of grand 
dame hotels  with grandiose architecture reflecting
the era’s lavish and opulent old world charm.
It was designed by National Artist Leandro Locsin.

The Jeepney Café will also be missed is that
serves a massive buffet of some of the best
local and international cuisine in the country.

They also have luxurious rooms,
with top notch amenities,

…and probably the only hotel in the Philippines
with a pillow menu, (something I never knew exists)
with eight different types of  pillows to choose from.

Without any plans of re- opening as it would be
demolished to give way to a modern transport hub, 


...Hotel Intercontinental would be deeply missed. 

Read the  link below for more: 

Hotel Intercontinental Manila
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