Saturday, October 17, 2015

French Baker: Mall Of Asia, Manila

The French Baker   
Mall Of Asia, Manila 

Despite the numerous dining choices at the 
Mall of Asia we always make it a point to dine
at French Baker whenever we are in Manila.

We had taste of real French dishes during our visit in Paris
a long time ago and while we enjoyed it, it is a classy and
highly refined urbane cuisine, something that we could not
eat everyday considering our less than ordinary Pinoy lifestyle.

Whenever available, we always order Soup on a Bread Bowl. 
While most of the versions of this dish use sour bread for the
bowl, French Baker uses fresh French bread bowl, that is so
crispy on the outside and hot soup does not make it  soggy.

My wife ordered Fish A La Meunier, which is one of
our favorite European dishes as the fish had a light flavor
of butter and lemon and a delightful aftertaste of parsley.
It was served with two large slabs of fish lying in a bed
fresh vegetable and  a pyramid shaped mound of  rice.

It was a huge serving that came with a free
bowl of soup, so she shared it with my son.

My daughter ordered Lasagnia Verdeas as we wanted to try
their meatless version of the dish. This healthier version tasted
very good and just as delicious as its meat laden counterpart.

I love blue cheese and having Blue Cheese Burger 
in a restaurant menu is a dream come true for me.
Nothing compares relishing the delightfully pungent
aftertaste of blue cheese mingling with the savory
flavor of tender and  juicy pure beef burger patty. It’s 
heaven in every bite on this French Baker specialty.

Aside from making French dishes acceptable to
ordinary Pinoys like us, French Baker also made
these sophisticated cuisine affordable for everyone. 

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