Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Fiesta sa Sugbo: SuperMetro Naga

Fiesta sa Sugbo
SuperMetro Naga

We have long wanted to dine in Fiesta sa Sugbo,
but it was difficult to find a vacant parking space in
SuperMetro Naga, a huge hypermarket that opened few
months ago and this is one rare moment that we found one.

We came for their famous boneless Lechon Cebu,
but it was already sold  out as we came very late
and they are about to close of less than an hour.

Fiesta sa Sugbo is a ‘turo- turo’ type of restaurant
that displays pre- cooked dishes on a glass topped
counter, so we ordered whatever was left on the stall.

We ordered Paksiw na Manok. We amused with this dish
this was the first time that we have heard of chicken paksiw,
as are only used to the traditional fish and pork versions.
Interestingly, this  chicken reinvention of paksiw tastes great.

Their Beef Caldereta war very delicious. The beef was
chunky but tender  and had a delightful herbal aftertaste.

The Guisadong Amalapaya with Egg
was overcooked but still tasted good.

They have a unique version of Beef Meatballs since 
they used breaded chunky chops of beef instead of
the usual ground beef. It was also very  delicious.

We ordered our favorite Macaroni Salad 


 ...from the nearby Metro Café it was tasty and creamy.

We spent only a little over Php 500 for this really tasty
meal and for a family of four- it was a real bargain.

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