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Remington Hotel Manila: Comfortable Transit Hotel

Remington Hotel Manila 
Comfortable Transit Hotel 

We were on our way back to Naga City when our  Philippine  Airline 
Lines   (PAL) flight was cancelled due to a mechanical problem. We had 
no choice but to stay overnight in Manila, as  the succeeding flights to 
Naga were  fully booked. We were put on a flight to Legazpi  the next day
 as it was  the only  flight to Bicol  with available seats for the next few days.

We were offered overnight accommodation on a certain
hotel in Malate that I have never heard of- so I protested.
I told then that we were staying in Sofitel Hotel for the
past three days and I demanded that they should book us
on the same hotel, or another hotel of the same standard.

The PAL supervisor came to talk to us, and suggested that
Remington Hotel at Resorts World Manila is the most
that they could offer. The airline supervisor was courteous 
and polite, the hotel is very new and reputable and it is
conveniently located just across the airport, so I agreed.


We were picked up by the hotel shuttle and we were
brought to Remington Hotel located across the road.

To hotel lobby was well lighted and airy,

…and had a modern minimalist interiors.

There were lots of seating areas at the lobby-
from the numerous comfortable sofas,

…to flat benches that made the lobby appear
like a huge upscale transport terminal,

…which may have been meant to be that way,
as this was a transit hotel, and most of the guests
are airline passengers on a short layover in Manila,

….waiting for the airport shuttle to take
them back to the airport located nearby.

Our check in was fast and easy as 
it was pre- arranged by the airline,

…and we were in our room in a jiffy.

The kids were tired and they just threw
themselves on the bed when we arrived.

It was a standard room and had two
comfortable twin beds on one side,

Source: Booking.com

…and flat screen TV on the other side.

Source: Booking.com

At the rear portion of the room was a massive
floor to ceiling window that offers a view of the
ongoing building construction beside the hotel,
and of the Resort’s World Manila nearby.

A hanging counter by the window serves
as a working desk and utility table was
also found at the rear end of the room.

The counter also had a kettle that serves
as an instant coffee making kit on it.

It had an open closet,

…a digital safe where guests can keep their valuables,

…and disposable slippers.

The bathroom was very small and cramped, 
and provided with basic toiletries.

It looked clean and tidy, but had an unexpected 
tenant that had the kids screaming- a cockroach.

The room had one landline phone at the bedside,

…and there was no internet connection in the room, and the
 guests had to go down to the  lobby to get a Wi- Fi connection.

Stray & Play

The hotel lies just across from the airport,  provides a free airport 
shuttle and located within the Resorts World Manila complex.

Resorts World Manila houses several hotels
like Marriot Manila,which I have positively and
extensively reviewed in one of my blog posts,

…and the Maxims Hotel.

Also within the complex and just across
 the hotel is the upscale Newport Mall,


... so there is really no need for guests to stray far away as it offers 
almost every one would need for leisure, entertainment and 
even gambling as it is located very close to the casino. 

Remington Hotel was meant to be a transit hotel
as it does not have any in- house leisure facility.


Vending Machines 

Drinks and snacks vending machines
are available in every floor of the hotel,

…and there are also mini lobbies,

…and dining areas in each floor.

R Bar

Located at the lobby, R Bar offers a generous selection
of cakes, sandwiches, cookies, pastries and fresh salads.

They also serve coffee, beers and cocktails.

This is a culinary treasure throve as
the food was delicious and filling,

…and catered by the nearby upscale Maxims Café.

But R Bar is  just a bar and not a full restaurant 
so do not expect a full dining menu here.


Remington Hotel is a comfortable hotel for
travelers in short term transit stay in Manila.

Though we had a cockroach for a roommate, which
I crushed to kingdom come when stepped on it ,

…the rooms were clean and tidy,
and the beds were comfortable.

Source: Booking.com

It lacks hotel in- room and in- house hotel amenities but 
who needs them if one is here for a very short term stay?

We stayed less than 24 hour in the hotel when our 
flight was cancelled and checked in overnight
as our flight  was rebooked the for the next day,

…had we stayed a little bit longer,
I would have reviewed this hotel differently.

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