Saturday, August 22, 2015

Maxim’s Café: Resorts World Manila

Maxim’s Café 
Resorts World Manila 

One of the perks in staying in any Resorts World Hotel 
may it be at the beautiful Marriot Hotel Manila, 


…or at the Remington Hotel Manila, 
a budget but comfortable airport hotel-


…is being in close proximity to Newport Mall, 
an upscale mall that offers everything one would
need for shopping, entertainment and leisure.


It is also where Maxim’s Hotel is located and its
popular in house restaurant, the Maxim’s Café. 


We were all starving after staying for so long
in the airport waiting for our flight back to Naga,
which was initially delayed and finally cancelled,
so of we  went to Maxim’s Café at the nearby 
Newport Mall for a really very, very late lunch. 


Maxim’s Café had a very opulent décor,


…reminiscent of the grand and lavish colonial era, focusing 
on what is imposingly regal and imperially luxurious.

It is a restaurant where one can feast not only on food but
the relaxing opulence of this grandiosely designed cafe.


My wife ordered the all day Power Pinoy Breakfast 
that had Sardines as the main dish and served with two
eggs, garlic rice, atchara, Pandesal and Café Americano.


My son ordered the same thing but chose Corned Beef as
the main dish, and asked for orange juice instead of coffee.


Both set breakfasts were delicious but it was the Maxim’s Pandesal   
that really caught our attention. It was  soft but firm and it retained the
 local version’s natural grittiness that had a certain grainy creaminess 
in every bite. It was so good that we ordered a boxful to take home. 


Chicken Parmigniana Fettuccine with Pesto Cream Sauce 
was what my daughter ordered and it was very superbly delicious.


It took time for them to serve my Café Maxim’s Angus Burger, 
but it was worth the long wait. What they served is a humongous
thick juicy burger oozing with the tasty goodness of 100% Angus
Beef topped with two layers of different kind of cheeses and
another layer of crispy lettuce. It tasted so good and sinfully divine.


The magnificent Maxim’s Café is not only splendidly beautiful
but also serves excellent world class international cuisine and
 may appear intimidating upscale and threateningly expensive, 

...but in reality it is surprisingly affordable 
even to ordinary Filipino masses like us.

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