Sunday, May 25, 2014

Bigg’s Tower Burger at Biggs BMC

Bigg’s Tower Burger
at Bigg's BMC

It had been a long time since we dined
at Bigg’s BMC (Bicol Medical Center),

…and we were delighted to see, that aside
from the air conditioned indoor  dining area,

…they also have an alfresco dining area
on their  beautiful backyard garden.

I also finally got the chance to try their
humongous, new Bigg’s Tower Burger.

It is I believe the tallest burger n town where
the bottom bun was topped with a layer of lettuce,
topped with tomatoes, topped with beef patty,
topped with cheese, topped with hash brown, topped
with another layer of beef patty, topped again with
 cheese, topped with spam, topped with bacon, topped
with caramelized onions, topped with fried egg, and
finally  sealing it with sesame seed sprinkled top bun.

A diner would actually encounter a little problem
on how to eat it, and the restaurant seemed to subtly
suggests an easy way out of providing a knife and a fork.

But that is not the way to enjoy a burger.-
for what’s the use of putting in layers and
layers of sandwich if one would not be
able to enjoy everything on a single bite?

The only way to eat the Bigg’s Tower Burger
with everything  on it is to compress it hard to a
bitable thickness enough to sink your teeth into it 
and enjoy every morsel of the burger on every bite.

which is not available on Bigg's menu now,
I have not been kind in reviewing most of the
burgers being offered by Bigg's in the past,

…but for the Bigg’s Tower Burger?
It is to die for- literally as it tastes great,
and figuratively, as it is addicting.

They still have to perfect the bread though,

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