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Disney’s Hollywood Studios Paris: Unique Rides, Extreme Fun ( I Love Paris Series 11)

Disney’s Hollywood Studios Paris 
Unique Rides, Extreme Fun
I Love Paris Series 11 

The last time that we have been to EuroDisney 
was in 2003, when my daughter Nicole was  five
 years  old and before my son Timothy was born, 

^^^Photo taken in 2003

...and the little boy has been very excited
 for his first visit to Paris Disneyland. 

Except for the new their new theme park in Shanghai,
we have been to all Disneyland parks in the world, and
we always had a great time and extremely enjoyed the
experience wherever they are and wherever they may be. 

From Japan,

…to Hong Kong,

…to Anaheim,

…and Orlando, we always look forward for
a fun- filled day in any Disneyland park.


Eurodisney has two theme parks;

…the Disney’s Hollywood Studios,


…and the Disneyland Paris.


We bought tickets to both parks and decided 
to visit Disney’s Hollywood Studios, ahead.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios Paris is the counterpart
of Hollywood Studios in Walt Disney World Orlando,

and the California Adventure Park in Anaheim.

Hollywood Studios Orlando looked a lot like
as guests enter through the main entrance gate,
which resembles the Pan Pacific Auditorium. 

Source: LINK

The Disney’s Hollywood Studios Paris,
had ‘La Place des Frères Lumière’ as an
entrance courtyard. The name is a tribute
to honor the French inventors of cinema.

It was themed like in a Spanish Colonial
Revival of the 1930's Hollywood with a
large Fantasia fountain as a centerpiece. 

The Front Lot is home to most shops
and guest services of the park, and it is
also where the Earful Tower is located.

Front Lot features Disney Studio 1, a covered
walkway whose exterior was loosely based on
the first soundstage that Walt Disney owned.

Inside are shops and restaurants themed after a studio
soundstage, lining  a recreation of a Hollywood street .



From the Front Lot, we immediately proceeded to the
Toon Studio, used to be called as Animation Courtyard,
it is zone inspired by classic Disney and Pixar characters. 

We immediately queued at Crush’s Coaster
ia spinning roller coaster where guests climb
aboard sea turtle shells for a ride through scenes
from the Finding Nemo movie. This is a unique
attraction to Walt Disney Studios Park Paris.


Other attractions in this zone include the
Flying Carpets Over Agrabah, a spinner ride
where riders sit in magic carpets and set against
 a large “movie set” backdrop of Agrabah. 

This attraction originated at the Magic Kingdom.

^^^Magic Kingdom version

The Cars Quatre Roues Rallye is another unique
attraction here at the Walt Disney Studios Park Paris.
The guests ride at a Radiator Spring’s car service
station. The cars are set on four spinning plateaus
and they change one spinning plateau to the next.

The Art of Disney Animation is also found in this zone.
It is an interactive exhibit about the process and history
of animation and guests participate in Animation Academy. 
This attractions is also found at Disney's Hollywood Studios
in Orlando and Disney California Adventure Anaheim.

Mickey and the Magician is a live
show featuring the Disney Classics.

A new  Paris themed area of the park offers another
unique attraction to Walt Disney Studios Park Paris.


The Ratatouille: L’Aventure Totalement Toquée de Rémy.
A motion-based trackless ride based on the film Ratatouille.

It also opened with a new Ratatouille themed
restaurant that offers excellent French cuisine.

The Toy Story Playland offers several rides not found
in the US counterparts, but a similar zone offering
identical rides is found in Hong Kong Disneyland.


A parachute jump ride, Toy Soldier Parachute Drop was
themed after the Green Army Men from Toy Story movies.

The kids tremendously enjoyed the Slinky Dog Zig Zag Spin.
It is a caterpillar-style ride where guests sit inside the spring
resembling Slinky Dog’s coiled body also from Toy Story movies. 


RC Racer is a steel shuttle roller coaster where guests
ride  in RC Racer Car on an orange, half loop track

The next visited the Production Courtyard, a zone
whose theme is about Hollywood’s movie production 
that has two areas: the Hollywood Boulevard,

… and Place des Stars


The main reason why we are excited to visit this theme park
is the Studio Tram Tour: Behind the Magic attraction.


The Studio Tram Tour takes guests
on a  tour past movie sets and props, 


…features Catastrophe Canyon, 




…and Reign of Fire sets. 



This ride originated from the Studio Backlot Tour
at Disney’s Hollywood Studios Orlando but has
long been removed as an attraction in the US,


…so this attraction is now only found in Paris.


The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror is also in this zone.
It is a freefall thrill ride set creepy Hollywood Tower Hotel,
and follow the story inspired by the television series.


 This ride is also found in Disney’s California Adventure,


Several attractions are found at the Place des Stars.
The theatre show about the history of cinema called
CinéMagique is here. It features live performance
synchronized with  movie scenes on a big screen. 


Stitch Live! is also in this area,


…and the Playhouse Disney : Live on Stage!

The Backlot is the last zone in Disney’s Hollywood Studios Paris.
It is patterned after actual movie backlots with an industrial theme .
We were thrilled by the Armageddon – Les Effets Speciaux.
It is a walkthrough attraction that makes guests experience
realistic special effects in the blockbuster movie of the same title.


Also in the zone is Moteurs... Action! Stunt Show Spectacular,
a stunt show featuring automobiles, motorcycles, and jet skis,

…and Rock 'n' Roller Coaster Avec Aerosmith.
 An enclosed steel roller coaster ride themed in a
recording studio set on an Aerosmith music video
Similar ride is found at Orlando's Hollywood Studios.


We concluded our visit by having a lunch at the
Restaurant en Coulisse found in Disney Studio 1,


..and enjoyed on assortment of huge burgers, 

...sandwiches and perfectly fired French fries.


We later moved to the nearby Disneyland Paris,


...for another exciting Disney family adventure.

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