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Palace of Versailles: French Sun King’s Grandeur (I Love Paris Series 13

Palace of Versailles 
French Sun King’s Grandeur 
I Love Paris Series 13 

We took an early morning train
from the city of  Paris to Versailles,

…and arrived at the quaint village
after about fourty- five minutes.

We admired the rustic ambiance of Versailles,

…and walked on a tree- canopied sidewalk,

…to the famed Palace of Versailles.

When were here in 2003, the statue of the Sun King,
 Louise XIV  used to be located in front of the palace,

 ^^^2003 photo

...but it wasn't there anymore when we returned,

…as it was moved to the roadside,
away from the palace entrance.


It may have been moved when the "Gate of Honour"
restored in 2009 as it was not there yet on our 2003 visit.

The Palace of Versailles was built by Louis XIII in 1623,   
as a hunting lodge of brick and stone, and was  later
transformed to a magnificent royal palace by Louis XIV,

The structure of the original lodge was preserved
and now serves  as a façade on the front entrance
with a black-and-white marble front courtyard- 


… fronted with eight red marble columns
supporting a gilded wrought-iron balcony,

…the topmost is surmounted with a triangle of
lead statuary surrounding a large clock, whose
hands were stopped upon the death of Louis XIV. 


The Palace of Versailles is U- shaped in structure,

…the ticket booth located on the left wing,

…and the entrance on the opposite side.

The Palace of Versailles is a living museum of
Louis XIV golden age of profligate rule and has
been listed as a World Heritage Site for 30 years.



A succession of kings continued to embellish
the Palace up until the French Revolution.

Guests would be awed by the opulence of the palace,


...that contains more than 2,000 rooms,


…and it is considered as one of the greatest
achievements in French 17th century art.


Found in the palace are the Grands appartements
or the State Apartments that occupy the main floors. 


There are three rooms in each
facing the garden to the west,


…and four rooms facing the
 north and south of the garden.


The beautiful palace chapel,

....represents one of the finest examples of French 
Baroque architecture and ecclesiastical decoration.

At the Aile du Midi is the Galerie des Batailles.
that houses a collection of paintings and sculptures
exhibit depicting milestones battles of French history. 


The Petit appartement du roi
or King's Private Apartment.


...and the petit appartement de la reine
Queen's Private Apartment are also must
visit sites whose last occupant was the
notoriously famous Marie-Antoinette.

Not to be missed is the opulent Galerie des Glaces
or  the Hall of Mirrors, is the grandest and probably
the most popular, most celebrated room in Versailles.

It has been a setting for many of the glamorous
royal ceremonies of the French Court in the past.


This is also a showcase of extravagance as mirrors
are some of the most expensive luxury items then,
and having huge panels of wall mounted mirrors in this
hall is an ostentatious display of wealth during that time.

We also bought tickets for
the Gardens of Versailles,



…but it rained all day and we only saw a part of it.

There is a branch of the popular Angelina restaurant
inside the palace and offers and option of fine dining  
 or a delightful sandwich and snack bar for the guests.




Visiting the city of Paris, is never complete
without seeing the Palace of Versailles


… the seat of power where the mighty
French Monarchy once ruled the country.

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