Saturday, July 22, 2017

Louvre Museum: Monaliza Up-close (I Love Paris Series 15)

Louvre Museum 
Mona Lisa Up-close
I Love Paris Series 15

We arrived at the Louvre Museum very
late in the afternoon as we were trapped by
a heavy downpour on our last day in Paris.

The museum was already
closing in less than an hour,

…so we had to hurry and run our way
to Louvre’s most popular exhibit- 


… Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa. 

It was a photo- finish.

The exhibit closed just as we arrived
and there were very few people around,

…so we were able to appreciate
the famed Mona Lisa up- close.

The Louvre  Museum or  Musée du Louvre, was
originally  built as a fortress in the late 12th century

…and was converted to the Louvre Palace in 1546
that served as residence of  the French royalties
and the seat of power by the French monarchies.

Louis XIV moved his residence to
the Palace of Versailles  in 1682,



…leaving  the Louvre primarily as a museum
to display the massive royal treasure collection.

We first visited the museum in 2003
when my daughter was very young,

^^^2003 Photo

…and we initially wanted to have our pictures
taken at the iconic I.M. Pei’s  glass pyramid,

…but it rained heavily,

…that we settled for
a photo taken inside,

… at the base, with the camera looking up.

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