Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Flavours Gastronomica's Chef’s Ultimate Burger

Chef’s Ultimate Burger 
by Flavours Gastronomica

We again had the chance to visit my family’s favorite
restaurant in Naga City- the Flavours Gastronomica, 



…and ordered our all time favorite
appetizer- the Fish and Chips, 


…and Lemon Lime Chicken both of which
have been subjects of my blog in the past.


My son ordered the Kids Menu that had Grilled Chicken Tenders, 
Fresh Tomato Spaghetti, a generous serving of Herbed Rice and soda.
He loved his food as the chicken was tender and tasty, while the spaghetti
had a tomato rich goodness and not the disgustingly sweet Pinoy version.


It came with a choice of drinks and
we ordered a glass of Coke Zero.


We have been coming back to this restaurant, and I thought
we have tried almost all what they had to offer, I realized
that we haven’t tried their Flavour’s Signature Pasta, so
I ordered one. It was plain looking pasta flavored with basil,
garlic and chili in olive oil. It tasted so naturally good and
I wondered how something so simple could be so delicious.


We love burgers and it was a wonder why we weren’t tempted to
try any of  the burger offerings in the menu during our past visits.


The Chef’s Ultimate Burger caught our attention and we ordered one.
It was humongous and towering burger that had a thick slab of quarter
pounder beef patty, made tangy with a garlic flavored aioli mayonnaise.


It almost had everything on it; cheese, bacon, fresh tomatoes,
lettuce and interestingly- cucumber which together with the
caramelized onion, added texture and crunchiness to the burger.


It was bathed with teriyaki sauce that created a merry mix of
tangy- sweetish, tender yet crunchy feast for the gustatory senses



It was served with equally delectable French Fries 
which was also bathed with aioli and teriyaki sauce.


Once again, Flavours Gastronomica had lived up to its name
as an excellent gastronomic dining destination in Naga City.

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