Saturday, August 13, 2016

Tatsu at Narita: Fresh Japanese Food To Go

Tatsu at Narita 
Fresh Japanese Food To Go

We needed a quick lunch at Narita Airport in Tokyo
while waiting for our connecting flight to Florida, I looked around for a restaurant where I could
buy something o eat, and Tatsu caught my attention.


It was a sleek restaurant outlet that offers a wide
variety of freshly prepared Japanese dishes.


My family Japanese food and there is no better way
to experience authentic Japanese food here in Tokyo,
on a very limited period of time but here in Tatsu. 


I ordered rice topped with assorted sashimi,



…and a bento bowl of assorted maki sushi.



Everything tasted invigoratingly fresh and tasty. 

Tatsu outlet at Narita made it possible for
my family to experience delicious, authentic
Japanese cuisine on our very brief time in Tokyo.


It was a fast, healthy but tasty way
to fuel up of the long haul trip ahead.

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