Saturday, August 6, 2016

Regent’s Pork Floss Bread: Craving Buster Sweet and Salty Combo

Regent’s Pork Floss Bread 
Craving Buster Sweet and Salty Combo

I love Pork Floss Bread and I was delighted to find out  
while shopping in Puregold Mall Naga, that of this
popular Singaporean bread is available in  supermarkets.


I was also intrigued on what was written
on the label: Delicious and Tangible.


It was a rolled bread, with alternating
soft dough and pork floss for a crust.


When the dough crust is peeled off, it revealed
a generous layer of yummy pork floss, and I finally
understood what the tangible in the label meant.


It had a sweet white jelly filling,


…and the perfect sweet and salty blending was so delicious
and creates a delightful gustatory high in your mouth that
your taste buds would not know what to do with themselves.

This craving-buster pastry lets you have it both ways:
awesome sweet and salty combo in one delicious bread.
The label was right after all; It was delicious and tangible.

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