Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Seven Knights Restaurant: Superb Food, Blustering Drunken Ambiance

Seven Knights Restaurant 
Superb Food, Blustering Drunken Ambiance

 It has been very difficult to dine on weekend
evenings at the Magsaysay Strip as the traffic
is very heavy and the  parking space is rarity.


The good thing is- numerous restaurants are sprouting
in Roxas Avenue which unlike Magsaysay is still traffic
free on weekend evenings. Seven Knights Restaurant 
is one of the restaurants that we recently discovered here.


Seven Knights Restaurant had dark interiors and dining 
here would make the family with young kids feel out of place.

The sound system was excellent but the music was too loud
for comfort, but that’s not the worst part of this restaurant.
as everybody seems to be talking at the top of their voices. 


From a group for middle- age costumers across our table 
where everyone could hear the women’s ear piercing shrills 
and irritating shrieks and loud drunken laughter, to a group of
 young adults  bragging how much they earn abroad as OFW’s.

We could hear every word in the conversation of the
costumers from the neighboring tables, that even the
loud background music failed to dampen and stifle.
But the food they serve was otherwise delicious.

The Pork Sinigang had a perfect degree of sourness
not enough to wrinkle your face in acerbic disgust.
This is one of the best sinigang concoctions on the city.

The Pinakbet was a bit on the salty side as it was being
overwhelmed by the bagoong, but the veggies were fresh,
crispy yet perfectly cooked and still tasted very good.

Wild Wild Ribs was ferociously delicious.
It appeared like a pre- grilled spare ribs,
served in a sizzling hot plate and bathed
with a tasty western style barbecue sauce.

The Chicken Torino was a revelation. It was made of dough-
coated crispy fried chicken and later bathed with sweet and
sour sauce. It reminded me of a family favorite Orange Chicken
but this one had a delightful pineapple aftertaste. An awesome
variation of this extremely popular Chinese dish. This is a not
to be missed and must try dish to anyone dining in  this restaurant.

Despite the raucus and blustering drunken ambiance
of Seven Knights Restaurant, we still enjoyed our
very first dining experience as the food was superb.

If the restaurant could wake up from its inebriated stupor,
it could become one of the best dining destinations in the city.

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