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Flavours Gastronomica: Peaceful and Delicious Culinary Refuge

Flavours Gastronomica 
Peaceful and Delicious Culinary Refuge

Dining in Flavours Gastronomica located
way off the at Naga City’s CBD 2 district,


…is such a peaceful refuge from the busy
Magsaysay Strip and raucus city center. 


The rustic old fashioned interiors adds up
to the idyllic serenity of the restaurant.

This is the restaurant to dine, for those who want
to have a wonderful but leisurely relaxed dinner
as the food is superb and the service is excellent.

We started our dinner with Fish and Chips
like we always do whenever we dine here
as this is one of the best versions in the city.

The Roasted Tomato Soup was superb.
According the menu it was made of  roasted
tomatoes, grilled cheese croutons, pili nuts
and pesto oil. It had a delightfully piquant and
slightly sour aftertaste and was very delicious.

We again ordered Potatoes and Crab Chowder.
This is a staple dish that we always order in this
restaurant. It is a delicious creamy soup made of
a perfectly blended  mix of pureed potatoes and
buttery brunoised potatoes, with generous bits and
pieces of crab meat and mildly flavored with leeks.

The Potatoes and Beets Salad is a winner.
The bite size potatoes with small pieces of
red beets salad had a perfect tangy taste made
pleasantly sweetish by the pineapple chunks.

For those who like sardines but abhor its odious
smell, the Spanish Sardines Pasta is something
they would love. The delightfully spicy flavor of
tasty home made Spanish sardines is there sans
the lingering stinky, fishy smell and aftertaste.

The Grilled Salmon with Garlic and Herbs is
another dish that we never fail to order whenever
we dine in here. The fish was perfectly grilled and
the delicious aftertaste of garlic and herbs lingers
for a long time that it makes you crave for more.

The Spicy Pork Ribs came as two huge slabs
of pork which according to the menu was slow-
cooked with honey mustard in annatto oil. It
was sprinkled with herbs and was served with
fresh salad and a cup of herbed white rice.

Flavours Gastronomica had a Kids Menu where one
 could choose from the various chicken dishes for the 
main dish, two side dishes and a choice of beverage.

My son chose Spring Chicken as a main dish, Rice and  Tomato 
Spaghetti for side dishes and a Coke Zero for his drink.  It was 
served in a large plate and we did not expect that  the chicken leg 
was huge which came with a really generous serving of spaghetti, 
which together with a cup of rice was just  too much for children 
(or even adults) to eat. This overly delicious Kids Meal is good 
enough for two adults or even young three kids to share.

The choices for healthy and refreshing
drinks and beverages are aplenty. 

I first blogged about Flavours Gastronomica two years ago 
and it has been consistently serving delicious dishes since then. 


Coupled with absolute quality and topnotch service at affordable and 
top notch service at affordable and budget friendlty preces, without
a shred of doubt, my family considers Flavours Gastronomica  
as our favorite and most revered restaurant in Naga City. 

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