Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Return to Podo Grill M Plaza: The Best Bulalo Ever

Return to Podo Grill M Plaza
The Best Bulalo Ever 

We have just dined at Podo Grill a week ago,
but we decided to come back when someone
commented in my blog that the restaurant
serves one  of the best beef bulalo in the city.

It is such a pleasure to dine at Podo Grill at M Plaza
as it is a beautiful open air restaurant, with a classic
Filipino décor reminiscent of the colonial ‘bahay na bato’

…that had airy verandas, sliding capiz windows,

…with classic sturdy wooden chairs
and heavy duty wood dining tables.

Their  pre- cooked dishes are displayed in a  glass
encased counter here diners could order ‘turo- turo’ style,

…and they may also choose ala carte from
the menu and cooked fresh upon order.

We again ordered the Grilled Hito. It was sweetish- fresh, it wasn’t
salty and tasted very natural, devoid of any artificial flavoring.

We also ordered Grilled Tuna. It was perfectly grilled, very fresh, 
tender and not rubbery. Just like the catfish, it wasn’t salty, didn’t   
have any tinge of artificial flavoring and it was just naturally delicious.

My son is ordered and all day breakfast meal of
Tapsilog.  The tapa was a very tasty but not salty
and beef was perfectly chewy but very tender.

The Adobong Pusit was also very good and had a
 perfect blending of just the right combination of vinegar
and soy sauce with a slight sweetish after taste. 

We all loved the Beef Bulalo. It doesn’t look scary
as it wasn’t oily at all. The beef was very tender and
falls off the bones. The soup was also very flavorful
after being simmered with the beef  shank and had
a rich and delightfully pungent aftertaste of  onions.

We also marveled at the attractive and colorful
Blue Lemonade, Cucumber Juice and Iced Tea.
All of them were very refreshing and delicious.

Podo Grill at M Plaza is a wonderful
restaurant that serves good food that
is affordable and friendly to the budget.

I look forward on returning to
this beautiful restaurant again.

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