Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Majestic Grand Canyon: Nature’s Grand Design (Fabulous Las Vegas Series 9)

Majestic Grand Canyon 
Nature’s Grand Design 
(Fabulous Las Vegas Series 9) 

After having lunch at the Grand Depo Café 
located on the Route 66, in Williams, Arizona

which is just a short drive away from
the Grand Canyon National  Park,

…where we stopped and  walked our way
to  the Mather Point overlook.

Despite with all the previous photos we have seen, and tons
reading materials from  travel books, encyclopedias and even
old issues of National Geographics Magazine, that we have
read and researched prior to our visit to the Grand  Canyon,
everyone in my family was still not prepared of what we saw.

The Grand Canyon is probably
one of the most beautiful,

…and one of the most spectacular sights
that one would see in the whole world.

The awesome display of different
linear hues of natural earth colors,

…each representing billions of years
of the earth’s archeological history,

…drawn along the earthen cliffs by the receding
 Colorado River, was a sight to behold.

We looked down at what seemed to be a bottomless precipice
hoping have a glimpse  of the Colorado River at the bottom of
the canyon, but it was just too deep to be visible to the naked eye.

We could not take our eyes off the
indescribably breathtaking backdrop.

It looks as if a divine hand had painted the
incredible view, that is the Grand Canyon,

…using the blue sky as his canvas.

The Mathers Point veiw deck area was
 so beautiful and we didn't want to leave.

One could walk on the rim trail from the Mathers Point 
to our next destinationthe Bright Angel Lodge view deck,
but we decided to ride on our tour bus as we were
traveling with young kids and it was getting very chilly.

From the Mathers’ Point we drove
to Bright Angel Lodge view deck,

…for a different view of the majestic Grand Canyon.

The view at the Bright Angel was
just as majestic and just as stunning.

This time, we were able to see
the serpentine Colorado River,

that interestingly looked benign, in contrast
to its treacherous and turbulent nature up close.

The temperature had dropped to 1 degree,
so we went to the restaurant to warm up,

…and had some pretzels,  chips, soda and coffee.

We left the Bright Angel Lodge at dusk,

…and we could not get over of the beautiful Grand Canyon experience 
and we promised ourselves to visit Arizona  again in the future.

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