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Mandalay Bay’s Shark Reef Aquarium: An Underwater Experience in the Desert (Spectacular Las Vegas Series 10)

Mandalay Bay’s Shark Reef Aquarium 
An Underwater Experience in the Desert 
(Spectacular Las Vegas Series 10) 

Stray and Play 

During my last two visits in Las Vegas in the 90’s,
the Mirage was the place to go to see an aquatic park
as they have a dolphin sanctuary and a mini zoo there.

The second time I visited Las Vegas in the mid 90’s
I stayed in Hacienda Resort and Casino, was later
demolished in the early 2000, and rebuilt as the
posh Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino at present.

This time we decided to try the more recent 
Mandalay Bay’s Shark Reef Aquarium. 

The aquarium had an ancient oriental temple motif,


…and had a decent collection of aquatic animals,

…giant and exotic fishes,

…colorful jelly fish tanks,


…and even the dreaded Piranhas.

There was a wide range of aquatic life on display
on impressively designed faux stone  aquariums,

… of various shapes sizes,

…made to look like ancient temple ruins.

There was even an open pool,

…where kids could touch and interact with various
species of starfish, baby sharks and manta rays.

At the end of the tunnel aquarium,

…is a massive shark aquarium set
in a breathtaking sunken ship motif.

This aquarium is an outstanding work of
art and the centerpiece for Mandalay Bay’s 
magnificent Shark Reef Aquarium,

…a must visit for those
traveling with kids in Vegas.


Just few steps away from the Mandalay Bay’s
Shark Reef Aquarium is a posh food court,

…with an impressive selection of choice restaurants
and popular US- based trendy fast- food chains.

But what got my attention was Nathan’s. 

I missed this iconic hotdog so much, as the last
time we visited the original Nathan’s at Coney
Island in New York was almost eight years ago.

^^^Nathan's Coney Island New York

I ordered a classic hotdog topped with everything
on it and I relished  every bits and pieces of this
yummy and one the world’s most  sought after dish.

My wife and daughter settled for Johnny Rockets 
delicious gigantic burgers and tasty French fries,

…while my young son enjoyed a Pan Asian 
meal deal of  noodles, rice and orange chicken.

We all savored a classic glazed Krispy Kreme 
donuts for dessert after a satisfying food court meal.

A visit to Mandalay Bay is highly recommended
for families traveling in Las Vegas with young kids.

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